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AMP Clean Energy Commits to Exclusive Michelin Policy

AMP Clean Energy Michelin

AMP Clean Energy switches its commercial vehicle fleet to a full Michelin tyre policy, to reduce downtime and boost the sustainability of its operation.  

AMP Clean Energy Switches to Full Michelin Tyres

The business operates 33 trucks and five trailers from depots across the UK, transporting wood pellets and wood chip to biomass boilers nationwide for customers including schools, hospitals and care homes. In the past, it had run tyres from a variety of manufacturers but will now operate exclusively on Michelin X Multi and Michelin X works fitments following in-depth analysis provided by Michelin Account Manager Lynn Ilic and Tructyre Area Sales Manager Rob Wilshaw.

The move to Michelin is a major commitment for Tructyre. The team at Tructyre worked hard to demonstrate the benefits a professionally managed Michelin policy would bring. AMP Clean Energy is convinced it will help reduce fuel consumption, cut downtime and ultimately offer a more reliable service to their customers. The Michelin accidental damage guarantee was another factor behind the move. The trucks regularly encounter rugged terrain, and AMP Clean Energy have suffered in the past with having to replace new tyres with cuts to the cord. The fact Michelin has that confidence in its product speaks volumes and will save a significant amount of cost in the long run. 

Michelin’s accidental tyre damage guarantee protects the majority of its regional and on/off-road ranges, reinforcing the benefits of operating a premium Michelin policy. It covers accidental damage suffered before a fitment is 50 per cent worn, with the level of payment dependent on the wear of the tyreAMP Clean Energy has already started the gradual roll-out, with Tructyre replacing all existing brands on the fleet as wear dictates. The Michelin advocate dealer will also carry out regular inspections and routine tyre husbandry. All tyres fitted to the business’ vehicles will follow a multi-life policy which includes regrooving and retreading as Michelin Remix tyres, which helps extract the maximum performance from each new Michelin casing.

As a clean energy business, AMP Clean Energy share Michelin’s commitment to a more sustainable future. Running on premium, fuel efficient tyres will help AMP Clean Energy to cut C02 emissions, while the added lifespan of the Michelins will help to reduce raw materials and resources by maximising each and every tyreAMP Clean Energy is a distributed energy company which develops, funds and runs low carbon heat and power solutions including biomass heat installations and flexible energy plants.

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