Michelin Launches New EVOBIB Agricultural Tyre


In part 11 of our Agricultural Tyre Feature, Commercial Tyre Business focuses on another of Michelin’s specialised agricultural tyres. The EVOBIB, Michelin argues, optimises longevity with improved, sustainable traction while reducing soil compaction and fuel consumption.

Michelin Further Develops Its EVOBIB Tyre

In 2017, Michelin scored a SIMA gold medal for its EVOBIB tyre. The tyre is the first agricultural tyre on the market specifically designed to be used with Central Tire Inflation Systems (CTIS), which makes it possible to obtain a noticeable performance on the road and in the field due to its adaptive design.

In the field, the tread design has a maximised footprint. Along with MICHELIN ULTRAFLEX TECHNOLOGIES providing a low-pressure structure, this reduces soil compaction and improves the tractor’s traction tenacity. For the road, the footprint and central rib of the tread pattern reduce rolling resistance while improving on longevity and reducing fuel consumption.

During the development process for this new EVOBIB, the tyre casing now utilises Pressure Field Operation, allowing tyre manufacturers to increase the load capacity of their tyres for field use.

In an internal investigation, Michelin found that the footprint variation between road and field was double that of a VF (very high flexion) tyre, such as the Michelin AXIOBIB, when used with CTIS. Likewise, there was an increase of 15% in comparison to a competitor’s VF tyre with a hybrid tread pattern, while fuel consumption amounted to 2 litres less per hour than the rival tyre, and 1 litre less compared to the Michelin AXIOBIB with CTIS.

The two sizes of Michelin EVOBIB - the VF 710/70 R 42 and VF 600/70 R 30, will be available for farmers and contractors wanting an optimal performance between road and field use from April. These tyres can equip tractors between 200 and 300 hp with CTIS. The range will expand in 2023, with new sizes for tractors above 300 hp coming.

With its EVOBIB addition, Michelin believes that it now has a complete range of solutions for powerful tractors. For farmers, the manufacturer advises that the AXIOBIB 2 is the ideal tractor for operations that predominantly take place field, or in difficult conditions, based on its lug formation. For usage between 20-80% in the field, the EVOBIB with CTIS helps facilitate work on and off the field. For even more infrequent use, where the tractor is not required for extreme conditions, the ROADBIB is the most suitable option due to its lifespan and fuel savings.

It’s fair to say Michelin has keenly focused on the differing needs of farmers. With its EVOBIB, Michelin has chosen a tyre that complements its other tyres and offers the farmer the opportunity to opt for the tyre that best facilitates daily operations – on and off the field.

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