Michelin X Coach Z - More Efficiency for Coaches

Michelin X Coach Z

Michelin has announced the introduction of the new 295/80 R 22.5 MICHELIN X COACH Z for long-distance coaches.

New Coach Tyre from Michelin

The successor to the well-proven MICHELIN X COACH HL Z combines two groundbreaking Michelin tyre technologies and is particularly notable for its increased mileage, exceptional durability and outstanding safety in all seasons. Drivers and passengers alike also benefit from the low rolling noise of the new all-position tyre, which is now available for use on long-distance buses and touring coaches.

Compared with its predecessor, the new MICHELIN X COACH Z offers up to 16 percent more mileage and thus helps optimise fleet costs. At the same time, the tyre offers excellent grip as well as a high load capacity. Thanks to its tried-and-tested winter quality (the tyre carries a 3PMSF mark), the new tyre is suitable for use all year round, dispensing with the costs associated with storage and tyre changes.

Michelin has achieved these performances by combining two of its innovative technologies:

- Regenion: Differently shaped grooves ensure minimal tread deformation, which lowers rolling resistance and leads to less fuel consumption. Plus, the longitudinal grooves regenerate as wear progresses, giving the tyre a high level of grip and traction throughout its entire lifecycle and in all weather conditions. Michelin engineers use groundbreaking 3D metal printing techniques to manufacture the complex vulcanisation moulds that enable them to produce the sophisticated profiles which emerge as the tyre wears.

- Infinicoil: This technology features a continuously wound steel wire up to 400 metres long, depending on tyre size, inside the belt. The steel wire increases tyre strength and thus optimises the ground contact patch. The outcome is greater mileage paired with reduced fuel consumption due to lower rolling resistance. At the same time, the robust tyre structure gives it excellent load capacity. Consequently, when fitted to the front axle, the new MICHELIN X COACH Z can bear a load of up to 7.5 metric tons. Mounted as twin tyres, it boasts an improved load capacity of up to 13.4 metric tons.

Moreover, the MICHELIN X COACH is suitable for regrooving and retreading, which can save money and raw materials. The tyre is now available in 295/80 R 22.5 format.


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