Michelin Expands CrossClimate Offerings with Agilis CrossClimate

Michelin has continued to expand its CrossClimate range.
Michelin expanded its CrossClimate range recently through the introduction of the MICHELIN Agilis CrossClimate. The MICHELIN Agilis CrossClimate is a summer tyre with winter certification and boasts good levels of safety in all climatic conditions, enhanced mileage performance and good robustness.

As a consequence of the increase in online buying behaviours, society has seen an increase in courier services that deliver directly to your home, which has in turn resulted in a rise in traffic restrictions banning heavy vehicles from driving in city centres. This has all meant that light trucks and commercial vehicles such as vans currently find themselves in one of the biggest growth segments.

According to a European survey, the principal expectations for users (private citizens, independent professionals and fleets) of these types of vehicles in terms of tyres were as follows:

  • Versatility in terms of its ability to able to perform well on any type of surface and in any climatic condition.

  • Robustness and durability.

MichelinTaking this survey into account, Michelin has now brought to the market the MICHELIN Agilic CrossClimate, which is a summer tyre with 3PMSF marking illustrating its ability to perform well in winter, thus fulfilling one of the expectations discovered from the survey.

The offering which has been inspired by the award-winning CrossClimate+ for passenger cars, its tread has been designed in the shape of a V to offer grip and traction across any condition, whilst synchronously offering an increase in the tyre’s life. The protective shield of the sidewalls provides improved resistance to the complexities that city driving can sometimes provide.

According to Michelin, the Agilis CrossClimate has incorporated three new innovations:

  • The tyre tread has been manufactured with a mixture of three different rubber compounds, which are in fact three synthetic elastomers. This technology allows for the rubber to adapt to any temperature.

  • Reinforced sidewalls with a protective shield and a rubber compound derived from truck tyres.

  • It also incorporates a wear indicator that shows the wear level in a visual way to maintenance management easier.

The tyre endeavours to offer advantages that a summer tyre offers in terms of wet and dry braking, but also in durability and efficiency in the consumption of fuel, whilst also presenting benefits that a winter tyre illustrates.

Over the course of 2018, the tyre will be available in 26 dimensions for tyres of 15 and 16 inches.

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