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Michelin TRAILXBIB Rolled Out


Michelin introduces Michelin TRAILXBIB, the agricultural tyre for trailers and farming equipment that combines duration with soil protection. 

Michelin Collaborates with Farmers to Deliver the Michelin TRAILXBIB Agricultural Tyre  

Developed jointly with farmers, the new Michelin TRAILXBIB has the best features to ensure the highest possible profitability while preserving the soil. Despite the reduction in the number of farms, and the consequent increase in movements both in distance and in frequency, agricultural performance must continue to improve.  

Now, more than ever, farmers need adequate tyres for mixed use on the road/countryside, both for tractors and on trailers/equipment. With the new Michelin TRAILXBIB tyres, farmers with towing machinery or equipment with wheels can take advantage of a line specially designed for this type of vehicle, such as trailers, spreaders and tank trucks. The Michelin TRAILXBIB tyre has three main advantages: 

  • New VF22 casingmaking it more robust and in turn offering better soil protection. 
  • Great landing capacity, thanks to a specific tread pattern design, without “closed” areas, and distance between cleats that gradually increases towards the shoulders. 
  • Longer life-span compared to the CARGOXBIB HD and HF1 lines due to the additional 25% rubber and the continuous central cleat that ensures both regular wear and better road performance. 

The Michelin TRAILXBIB tyre also incorporates the new Michelin ULTRAFLEX3 technology for optimal load distribution while guaranteeing soil protection and good agronomic performance. In addition, the Michelin TRAILXBIB line incorporates AIR SYSTEMS Ready technology, which enables it to support Tele-inflation systems that allow the farmer, in real time and according to the type of soil, to easily adjust tyre pressure.  

“This range is the result of collaboration with farmers. With a multidisciplinary team, we went to meet our clients from various continents to listen to them and understand precisely the work and their expectations. This lead to the new Michelin TRAILXBIB offer, which includes a sculpture with a particular design. We are proud to present a tyre that perfectly meets your needs,” explains Raymond Tavernari, manager of the Agricultural Product category at Michelin.  

The first two dimensions, the VF 560/60 R22.5 and the VF 650/55 R26.5 are available this July, covering an important part of the market, and gradually more dimensions will be added to the line.  

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