MICHELIN XTRA LOAD: New Generation of Tyres for Dump Trucks Available in 21.00 R 33


The new three-star MICHELIN XTRA LOAD tyres are characterised by high load capacity, durability and greater efficiency. 

New Dump Truck Tyres from Michelin 

Rigid-frame dump trucks are exposed to the toughest conditions in mines, quarries and on large construction sites. With the new generation of tyres from Michelin you are even more powerful on the road: The MICHELIN XTRA LOAD GRIP and MICHELIN XTRA LOAD PROTECT versions are specially designed for bulk goods specialists in the 40-tonne class and have the three-star rating. With an inflation pressure of eight bar, a MICHELIN XTRA LOAD tyre can carry a maximum load of up to 16.6 tonnes. They replace MICHELIN X-TRACTION and MICHELIN XHAUL products. 

Both versions are tailored precisely to their respective area of application and their name indicates their strengths. On soft, muddy ground, the MICHELIN XTRA LOAD GRIP offers strong hold and traction - especially important on steep driveways on loose ground such as in opencast mines and on large construction sites. On sharp-edged, dry surfaces, the MICHELIN XTRA LOAD PROTECT provides optimal protection against tyre damage - a big plus point for high-wear use in mines and quarries. 

The common features of the new generation of tyres include improved load-bearing capacity and abrasion resistance as well as greater efficiency compared to previous products. 

The MICHELIN XTRA LOAD family has a reinforced casing, which increases the payload by ten percent compared to previous products2. This corresponds to an additional load capacity of nine tonnes per machine, which significantly increases productivity in day-to-day business. The MICHELIN XTRA LOAD is the first MICHELIN tyre in the dimension 21.00 R 33 to receive three stars in the evaluation by the European Tire and Rim Technical Organization ETRTO. Another common feature of the MICHELIN XTRA LOAD generation of tyres is the corrosion-resistant steel cables in the carcass construction. They offer optimal protection even with aggressive sub-floors and heavy impacts. This also significantly reduces unplanned machine downtimes due to tyre damage. 

The new MICHELIN XTRA LOAD tyres have optimal wear resistance. The basis for longevity is the optimised mix of materials. Also, there is the improved load distribution on the larger tyre contact area, which also reduces wear. The benefit of tread rubber in contact with the ground means less wear and tear and higher mileage. 

Both newcomers are available in A4 and B tread compound. Category A4 compounds are particularly resistant to cuts and tears on aggressive substrates. Type B mixtures have a high resistance to internal heat development on less aggressive substrates. 

The new MICHELIN XTRA LOAD GRIP replaces the MICHELIN X-TRACTION and was specially designed for use on loose and muddy soils. It shows its strengths especially on inclines and declines, where maximum traction is required. The rough tread with wide tread grooves indicates optimal grip. 

Another indicator for the performance of the MICHELIN XTRA LOAD GRIP is the excellent ton-kilometre-per-hour performance (TKPH). The tyre thus makes an important contribution to productivity and more flexible production planning in companies. The novelty with the A4 tread compound achieved a TKPH value of 248 compared to its predecessor MICHELIN X-TRACTION A4 E4T TL with a value of 202. That is an increase of 22.7 percent. The MICHELIN XTRA LOAD GRIP in compound B has a TKPH value of 384, which is an increase of 37.1 percent compared to the previous tyre with a comparable compound (MICHELIN X-TRACTION E4T TL: 280 TKPH). 

The MICHELIN XTRA LOAD PROTECT replaces the proven MICHELIN X-HAUL S E4P TL. Its range of applications includes flat, dry floors as well as all types of aggressive surfaces that are particularly tough on tyres. The hallmark is the newly designed running surface with a closed profile. Thanks to the small number of tread grooves and the very small gaps, the risk of foreign bodies entering the tyre is reduced. Nevertheless, the new profile dissipates heat particularly quickly, especially in the critical shoulder area. The unmistakable detail of the MICHELIN XTRA LOAD PROTECT is the new profile design with mutually stabilising blocks. 

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