Greater Load Capacity with the MICHELIN X WORKS Range

Michelin X Works Tyre

The MICHELIN X WORKS truck tyre range for mixed use has grown, adding a new dimension 385/65 R 22.5 MICHELIN X WORKS HLZ, with a load capacity of up to 10 tonnes per axle. 

Michelin Introduces New Truck Tyre 

As of February 1st, the new MICHELIN 385/65 R 22.5X WORKS HLZ 164J tyre has been added to the MICHELIN X WORKS range for mixed use on and off-road, offering a greater load capacity on the axles for steering or towing. The acronym HL (High Load) indicates a large load capacity, since it supports 10 tonnes per axle, instead of the 9 tonnes of the standard version. 

This new offer responds to the needs of the market, for those activities in mixed use where work is done on the brink of the maximum authorised mass, mainly due to: 

  • Regulatory changes in some countries: 60 t for the transport of wood and agricultural products in Portugal. 
  • The development by vehicle manufacturers of new solutions such as simple mounting on concrete mixer motor axles.  
  • The equipping of vehicles with increasingly larger and heavier handling cranes. 

Increased load capacity has been achieved due to a reinforced carcass structure that incorporates Michelin technologies: POWERCOIL and DURACOIL.

The MICHELIN 385/65 R 22.5 X WORKS HLZ 164J tyre benefits from the 3PMSF marking, which guarantees a high level of grip in all weather conditions. 

The MICHELIN X WORKS HLZ range can be restructured and retreaded, to optimise company costs and minimise environmental impact, reducing the consumption of natural resources and the carbon footprint. 

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