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Clugston Praises Michelin X Multi Tyres

Clugston Michelin X Multi Tyres

Clugston Distribution Services, a strong advocate of Michelin’s multi-life policy for nearly 30 years, says the MICHELIN X Multi Energy tyres specified as original equipment on 35 new Renault 6×2 tractor units are helping to improve fuel consumption by up to six per cent.

Transport Service Provider Hails Performance of Michelin X Multi Energy Tyres

The Scunthorpe-based company, which provides general distribution and road tanker transport solutions to the bulk powder and bulk fuel sectors, hailed the impressive performance of the tyres after the first six months of operation.

“We are seeing better than expected mileages across all of our diverse transport sectors due to the lower rolling resistance of this multi-life policy tyre, and along with driver training and strict tyre management we are achieving the improved fuel savings,” says Clugston Distribution Services Fleet Manager, Nigel Graham.

Under Clugston’s commitment to Michelin’s multi-life policy, all of its fleet – including the 110 Renault trucks and 180 trailers at its Scunthorpe site and depots in Driffield, Teesside and Hull, are specified with the manufacturer’s tyres as original equipment.

When the fitments reach the end of their first life, they are regrooved and retreaded as Michelin Remix tyres – which helps extract the maximum performance from each new Michelin casing. Once the Remix tyres are worn, the business sends the casing back to Michelin to be retreaded again and this Encore tyre is then used on its flatbed trailers.

“The Michelin multi-life tyre policy works well for our fleet due to the many applications we can take advantage of,” says Graham. “Correctly managed, we can achieve up to 250,000 km from some of our first-life tyres. The Remix tyre always performs just as well, which is little wonder after you see the Michelin Remix factory process in action. I it is incredible when you witness the time, effort and passion that goes into ensuring the Remix tyre is as good as a first-life one.”

Graham says Michelin’s retreading solutions are unmatched and explains why Clugston has been deepening its relationship with the tyre manufacturer over almost three decades.

“We have worked hard on maximising the use of our tyres with Michelin over many years, and we now have a very comprehensive tyre policy,” he adds. “It is cost-effective and continues to deliver product performance, reliability, fuel savings and a reduction in our carbon footprint.

“The whole Michelin fully managed contract package is exceptional. With the Michelin account dashboard, we can easily micro-manage our tyre usage by fleet application by using the bespoke reporting mechanism to calculate our weekly spend by vehicle or operation. This leads to the reduction of tyre-related downtime, which is important to our fleet operating teams. In terms of whole life cost of ownership of the tyre, Michelin products are without doubt the best on the market.”

Clugston, which last year celebrated its 100th year of operating commercial vehicles, runs a fleet of 28- to 44-tonne tractors with 3-axle extendable flatbed and semi-low trailers, as well as bulk fuel tankers and tipping and non-tipping discharge powder tankers. Operating throughout the UK, Clugston also provides specialist bulk food silo evacuation services.

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