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Frío Aragón Counts on Goodyear Total Mobility Solutions to Reduce Incidents

Frío Aragón Goodyear Total Mobility

Frío Aragón, the Spanish cold transport company uses Goodyear tyres in conjunction with FleetOnlineSolutions services to improve efficiency and reduce incidents. Frio Aragón fleet manager and administrator, Juan Antonio Aparicio Dávalos, explains why they have chosen Goodyear in a new Drive Result testimonial. 

Frío Aragón Chooses Goodyear 

Frio Aragón is a refrigerated transport company based in the province of Aragón, Spain. With operations in Spain, Portugal and the South of France, a fleet of almost 400 vehicles and more than 30 years of experience in the world of refrigerated transport, the company has put their modernisation strategy into action.

The Frío Aragón fleet is equipped with Goodyear FUELMAX and KMAX tyres, two Goodyear ranges that offer fleets greater resistance to damage, greater mileage and reduced CO2 emissions. In addition to tyres, Goodyear offers fleets the mobility solutions package with the most comprehensive offering on the market: Goodyear Total Mobility. 

Goodyear Total Mobility offers a variety of smart mobility solutions that enable fleets to significantly reduce tyre incidents, downtime and unexpected stops. Along with Goodyear’s tyres, Frío Aragón uses FleetOnlineSolution, an online fleet management system. 

The Goodyear team traveled to Frío Aragón to speak with their manager about the benefits they see with Goodyear solutions. Juan Antonio Aparicio Dávalos says he is delighted with the solutions and reveals that ever since they started using Goodyear, their incidents have been reduced by 20%. 

“After many tests, the final decision was Goodyear,” commented Juan Antonio, who, in addition to the products, highlighted the attention and professionalism of the Goodyear team. “Goodyear is the distributor that offers us the best coverage. Both tyre positioning, assistance, durability , less fuel consumption and, above all, a very personalised attention,” he concluded. 

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