Goodyear Debuts New Fuel Max RSD


Unleashing a new Fuel Max RSD tyre, as well as three new UniCircle retreads – the Fuel Max RSD, Fuel Max RTD and the UltraGrip RTD, with matching tread design compounds and compounds to the new tyres, the Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company has shown why they’ve experienced regional-haul growth in the trucking segment.

A New Tyre and a Trio of Spliceless Unicycle Retreads

Offering a premium regional super tyre, the Goodyear Fuel Max RSD delivers enhanced fuel efficiency, mileage and traction for super-regional driving fleets, which is currently the fastest-growing trucking segment. Its innovation tread compounds helps resist tearing, whilst improving miles to removal. Equally the Fuel Max RSD is designed to accommodate single axle day cab configurations that travel in both cities and on the highway and features high scrub resistance for tight turns to boot.

Super-regional fleets demand a drive tyre that provides long miles and fuel efficiency for routes on the highway, while also requiring traction for loading and yard manoeuvrability,” noted Dustin Lancy, Commercial Product Marketing Manager. “Goodyear’s new Fuel Max RSD is ideal for this application, as it delivers durability and traction that drivers need to confidently navigate their routes throughout the product life cycle.”

Goodyear also has three new premium spliceless UniCircle retreads ready for circulation. The Fuel Max RSD (Regional Service Drive) is a UniCircle retread that has a matching tread design to the Fuel Max RSD tyre. It features deep traction features and is SmartWay verified for fuel efficience. The Fuel Max RTD (Regional Traction Drive) has a matching tread design to the newly-launched kFuel Max RTD tyre. It also has an open-shoulder design that maximizes traction and long miles to removal. It carries the Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake designation and is SmartWay as well verified for fuel-efficiency. The UltraGrip RTD (also Regional Traction Drive) has the matching tread design to Goodyear’s best all-season regional drive tire for traction and grip – the UltraGrip RTD. Its evolving open-shoulder design with biting edges and sipes earned it the Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake designation for traction even at 50 percent worn. All of these tyres adhere closely to the tyre casing and won’t need any splicing. With spliceless UniCircle retreads, fleets can take advantage of similar new tire technologies and operate on retread designs they have confidence in,” explains Lancy.

With an anticipated mid-2021 launch, these regional UniCircle retreads will be available in popular sizes. The Fuel Max RSD drive tire will initially launch in 295/75R22.5 (Load Range G), with additional sizes rolling out in 2022.

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