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The Commercial Tyre Business Agricultural Feature continues with Part 6, as Michelin presents their new agricultural tyre range, the MICHELIN AGRIBIB ROW CROP IF. These tyres have been designed to increase yield and productivity for farmers by providing new benefits including reduced soil compaction and improved traction. 

Michelin Agricultural Range Launched for Improved Performance 

Michelin has launched its new range of agricultural tyresMICHELIN AGRIBIB ROW CROP IF (Improved Flexion), specially designed for self-propelled and towed treatment machines and for low and medium power tractors (from 70 to 180 HP) used in line crops . 

MICHELIN AGRIBIB ROW CROP IF tyres offer three great advantages: higher load capacity thanks to the MICHELIN UltraFlex technology (IF marking), better traction thanks to 14% more studs in contact with the ground and a greater height of the R1W sculpture and less soil compaction due to 20% wider contact surface area, allowing for better load distribution. 


All tyres in the range feature MICHELIN UltraFlex technology, which ensures a larger contact surface to protect soils from compaction, while improving traction. Reinforced sidewalls allow these tyres to last long even at low pressures. The benefits for farmers are translated into tyres that protect the soil and therefore improve yield and productivity. 

On the new range, Ludovic Labeaume, Director of Michelin’s Agricultural Tyres Business Line, explains: “Today’s sprayers are equipped with larger and larger tanks that reduce the number of trips required to fill them, thus improving productivity. To adapt to these needs, we have designed the MICHELIN AGRIBIB ROW CROP IF range, which supports a greater load capacity than a standard tyre with a similar pressure, with more stud surface in contact with the ground and better traction on muddy terrain. Thanks to its MICHELIN UltraFlex technology, when they are mounted on a tractor that does not need to increase its load capacity, the farmer can reduce the operating pressure, which translates into less soil compaction. 

MICHELIN AGRIBIB ROW CROP IF tyres are manufactured in France at the Michelin plant in Troyes. The range has five dimensions available: IF 380/90 R 50 167A8 / 167B, IF 320/85 R 38 151A8 / 151B, IF 380/90 R 46 165A8 / 165B, IF 320/90 R 54 159A8 / 159B, IF 320 / 90 R 50 158A8 / 158B. 

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