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Michelin Switch Reaps Impressive Results for Coolcroo Farm

Michelin Results Coolcroo Farm

An arable farm in Ireland has seen significant improvements to its soil health since moving its tractor fleet onto Michelin Ultraflex technology tyres. 

Better Efficiency at Irish Farm Thanks to Michelin Ultraflex  

Coolcroo Farm, in Tipperary, used to run a mix of competitor brands but switched to Michelin following technical advice from local account manager Christopher Eakin. 

It now runs its four smaller tractors on a variety of different size Michelin XeoBib tyres, while its larger Fendt 828 is fitted with IF 710/70 R42 AxioBib on the rear and VF 600/60 R34 XeoBib on the front. It also operates a Horsh trailed sprayer on VF 710/60 R42 XeoBibs. 

“I just can’t understand why anyone wouldn’t use these tyres,” says farm owner Michael Healy. “The impact on our soil health has been huge since switching to Michelin, which in turn has improved our yields – and that’s the only thing we’ve changed, so it has to be down to the tyres. 

“The comfort on the road from the XeoBib rubber is also exceptional, you can run at very low pressures and you’re still not rolling and shaking around. I gave a neighbour a run in one of my tractors with the XeoBibs on and he was so impressed he’s now using them as well!” 

Michelin’s XeoBib range is designed for 80 – 220hp tractors, and benefits from a large footprint which helps to reduce soil compaction and rut formation. Its VF (Very High Flexion) rating means the tyres are designed to function at one bar of pressure or less regardless of speed or the surface its working on – meaning it’s kinder to the soil and travels efficiently on the road. 

The tyre is also more fuel- and time-efficient than standard agricultural tyres, reducing slippage to ensure more traction on soft ground. 

Tyre life from both the XeoBib and AxioBib fitments on the Fendt 828 has also stood out for Coolcroo Farm. 

“We just recorded 6,000 hours from the first set of AxioBibs and we average around 5,800 from the XeoBibs, which is far better than anything we’ve run before,” says Healy. “The initial outlay may be a bit more than some other brands but it saves us money in the long run. 

“We have a new John Deere 6155R due to be delivered in the new year and I’ve made sure that it’s been specified on Michelin. We wouldn’t have anything else now.” 

Gordon Brookes, Customer Engineering Support Manager for Michelin’s agricultural division, says: “Our number one focus at Michelin is providing sustainable mobility solutions for our customers, so it’s great to hear of the improvements in soil structure seen at Coolcroo Farm. Studies have proven our Ultraflex technology can improve farmers’ yields by up to 4 per cent. 

“Through intensive research and development, our tyres are built to last and are specifically designed to help farmers get the maximum performance from their vehicles, reduce fuel costs and protect the soil in their fields.” 

Based close to the village of Two-Mile Borris, Coolcroo Farm is a family-run arable farming operation covering roughly 1,400 acres. Renowned for the quality of its potatoes, the farm also produces grain, sugar beet and a variety of grasses. 

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