Michelin X Multi Energy Tyres Fuel Sustainability Drive at Boughey Distribution

Boughey Distribution fleet fitted with Michelin X Multi Energy Tyres

Boughey Distribution has become one of the largest fleets in the UK to adopt a Michelin X Multi Energy tyre policy on all new vehicles joining its fleet. 

Michelin’s Fuel Saving Tyre for Boughey Distribution 

The Wardle-based business is set to take advantage of the efficiency and sustainability advantages of Michelin’s first ever regional fuel-saving tyre, specifying the fitments on 127 new Volvo FH 460 6x2 tractor units with Globetrotter XL cabs. 

Paul Brimelow, Boughey Distribution’s Group Fleet Engineer, set the new policy after close consultation with long-standing service provider Quinton Tyres, which has been responsible for managing the firm’s rubber for more than 14 years. 

The decision means the new Volvos will roll off the production line on 315/70 R22.5 Michelin X Multi Energy drive tyres. These combine all the experience Michelin has gained with its ultra-low rolling resistance X Line Energy fitments, designed for long-haul work – in a tyre honed for saving fuel and therefore reducing environmental impact in regional operations. 

Brimelow explains: “The decision to renew our entire fleet with Volvo FHs gave us the opportunity to analyse every aspect of the vehicle specification, and ensure it was fine-tuned for maximum efficiency. 

“Being part of the X Multi range also means it qualifies for Michelin’s free accidental tyre damage guarantee, which gives us the reassurance that our investment is protected in the event of the damage before it is 50 per cent worn.” 

Stuart Quinn, Managing Director of Quinton Tyres, explains: “Boughey Distribution looks to us to provide strategic-level consultancy as well as quality tyres backed up by professional tyre management expertise. This starts by recommending the best possible fitments for the fleet, and then managing them carefully through multiple lives on the fleet to extract the maximum performance from every single tyre.” 

Key to the performance of Michelin’s X Multi Energy tyres are several unique Michelin technologies including InfiniCoil, which sees a continuous steel wire wrapped around the tyre to provide greater tread stability, resulting in enhanced fuel savings and increased tyre life. Plus Powercoil, an advanced generation of robust steel casing cables, is also used to help reduce rolling resistance and contribute to the tyre’s impressive fuel-saving capabilities. 

Michelin X Multi Energy tyres are regrooveable and retreadable via the Michelin Remix process, and benefit from 3PMSF (Three Peak Mountain Snowflake) and M+S (Mud + Snow) markings which are testament to their impressive grip in all weather conditions. 

Boughey Distribution operates a 100 per cent Michelin policy across all axles of its fleet, with the new truck specification complementing a Michelin X Multi T policy on its trailers. 

The customer expects to have 73 new trucks in service by the end of the year, all supplied through Thomas Hardie Commercials. The remaining 54 new Volvos will enter service in 2022. 

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