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Gor Oz Wins with ContiConnect Live

Gor Oz ContiConnect Live

Strong dust storms are part of everyday life for Gor Oz during the spring in Israel, while in the summer months temperatures in the semi-desert region regularly exceed 30°.

Continental Helps Substantially Reduce Fleet Costs With Its Digital Live Solution

These are tough working conditions for both people and machinery, which is why state-of-the-art vehicle equipment and predictive maintenance are critical to effective fleet management and successful business operations. With this in mind, the transportation company Gor Oz, based in the city of Be’er Sheva in southern Israel, has relied on the digital solution ContiConnect Live for its tyre management since the end of 2021. “We had already tried various tyre monitoring systems without success,” says Gor Oz Fleet Manager Ran Gordon. “In contrast, the Continental and Questar solution works really well for us. The system is easy to install and allows us to see real-time tyre data, such as pressure and temperature, at any time, regardless of the location of the tyre on the vehicle.”

A proactive approach means greater security

The Gor Oz fleet consists of 130 trucks and 150 trailers. Located in Be’er Sheva, the main transportation hub of southern Israel, its core business involves the transportation of vehicles, temperature-sensitive frozen products, and agricultural products such as livestock, poultry, and feed. The fleet is used both in regional distribution operations, with daily deliveries to more than 1,000 different points, and in long-haul heavy haulage applications. Gor Oz equipped 39 of its vehicles with ContiConnect Live while acting as a test customer for Continental. The sensors were installed in a total of 316 tyres. “Our trucks cover millions of miles a year,” Gordon reports. “Monitoring tyres and scheduling tyre changes has always been the hardest part of vehicle maintenance.”

The ContiConnect Live solution provides real-time tyre data, allowing you to react in time to any tyre problem. “This gives us an element of certainty in a work routine already full of unpredictability to deal with,” says Gordon. “ContiConnect Live puts us in a position to actively monitor tyre-related processes instead of just reacting to punctures and subsequent vehicle downtime.”

Tailored solutions and minimised fleet costs in real life

The ContiConnect Live digital solution monitors the tyre pressure and temperature of all trucks and trailers in the fleet. The data is transmitted to the ContiConnect system via radio frequency receivers and can be accessed by the customer from their computer or via the new On-Site mobile app. Regular software updates via satellite (OTA) ensure that customers benefit from the latest developments. The digital platform provides fleet managers with live access to the current status of their fleet and allows them to remedy tyre damage without delay. Regular inspections of tyre mileage and tread depth can be incorporated into routine vehicle maintenance. This improves fleet reliability, uptime and efficiency. “We want to help our clients in their day-to-day business operations with digital solutions and our end-to-end consulting concept LODC, which stands for Lowest Overall Driving Costs,” says Kaylan Yalamanchili, Head of Digital Solutions for EMEA. “Our goal is to help our clients’ businesses become more profitable and sustainable, while creating added value for them.”

Return on investment in one year

From fuel consumption to tyre life to punctures, fleet costs related to tyres account for up to 53 per cent of total costs. Transport company Gor Oz kept a close eye on these three parameters during the pilot phase with ContiConnect Live and gave their final analysis: an optimum while on the road resulted in fuel savings of about three per cent. This makes a difference of around €30,000 a year,” Ran Gordon notes. “It also extended the life of the tyres, saving us another €2,800 in tyre purchase costs.”

In addition, ContiConnect Live gave early warning of the loss of pressure in 56 tyres, which prevented vehicle breakdowns and stops. “That alone saved us 20,400 euros in six months,” continues the company’s fleet manager. The end result is that the investment in the system paid for itself in just 13 months. “We are very proud to be part of Continental’s latest technology partnership,” concludes Gordon. “We have greatly improved our tire management and have seen a clear positive impact on the total operating costs of our fleet.”

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