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Spedition Helmö Sees The Benefits of ContiConnect’s Integration into Fleet’s Telematics System

Fleet Telematics System

Spedition Helmö can now monitor its Mercedes-Benz fleet tyres via ContiConnect Live, as the Continental app has integrated into the Mercedes-Benz Truck App Portal. With the ContiConnect application able to watch the fleet, drivers and fleet managers can benefit from real-time tyre pressure and temperature values, which results in optimised fuel efficiency and CO2 reduction, coupled with longer tyre service life.

A Viable TPMS is an Essential Prerequisite for Spedition Helmö

Spedition Helmö, based in Fürstenstein, Bavaria is a significant haulage company in the area, so it needs to be a well-oiled operation to transport bulk and packaged goods for its national and international customers. Explaining the extent of its operations, Managing Director Maximilian Helmö explained, “Our 40 trucks and 55 trailers handle payloads of up to 28 metric tons daily.” With such significant loads, Helmö added, “To optimise delivery reliability and to also maximise safety, we always equip our fleet with the very latest technology.” This includes both materials handling and vehicle technology, such as walking floor trailers, and safety assists and tracking systems. Helmö relies on the tyre management system ContiConnect Live for continuous real-time tyre monitoring. “Our articulated Mercedes-Benz trucks, complete with trailers, have been operating with the digital tyre monitoring system from Continental for two years now,” continues Helmö. “The app is integrated into the Mercedes-Benz Trucks telematics system and ensures stable running of our trailer monitoring.”

How Continental’s ContiConnect Integration into the Mercedes-Benz Truck App Portal Helps Facilitate Better Fleet Intelligence

Integrating the ContiConnect Driver App into the Mercedes-Benz Truck App Portal platform provides the customer with another tool for keeping their fleet intelligently connected. The fleet manager can simply select the ContiConnect Driver App from the Mercedes-Benz Trucks portal and then use the tyre monitoring system via the existing in-cab display without the need for any additional hardware. The Mercedes-Benz Truck App Portal is a digital marketplace that allows trucks to be individually equipped with comfort- and efficiency-enhancing apps. The result is improved, intelligent connectivity between vehicle, trailer and infrastructure using a wide range of different solutions, plus the ability to capitalize on the potential for improvement with the help of apps for a trucker’s daily routine.

Helmö confirmed that the sensors were the big reason for integrating the tyre management system from Continental. “There is no risk of damaging them during either installation or removal,” he noted contentedly, adding, “ContiConnect Live means a welcome time saving for our drivers when carrying out the mandatory departure check. And a clear bird’s-eye view graphic in the cab display also lets them monitor the tyres in real-time while on the go.”

When the alarm sounds or a pop up appears, it indicates low tyre pressure or overly high temperatures. Helmö explained that this allows the process to be dealt with swiftly: “The transport planner back in the office is also able to keep an eye on the tyre data in the live portal.” If there are any anomalies, the planner can contact the driver, arrange a workshop appointment if necessary and reschedule the shipment. “With ContiConnect Live I can rest assured that the tyres are always inflated to the correct pressure and in good order.”

Over the two years they have used the application, Helmö cited a quick turnaround to avoid punctures, as well as the easy location of each vehicle, which allows for a clear logistics policy for each and every vehicle. Concluding, Helmö added: “All things considered, Spedition Helmö is delighted with the digital tyre monitoring system from Continental, as it consistently ensures correct tyre pressure throughout the fleet. As a result, the haulage company is rewarded with optimum fuel efficiency at all times, lower CO2 emissions and reduced tyre wear. This is tyre management made easy – and from a single source.”

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