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Digital Control Direct to the Cloud as Continental Launches ContiConnect Live

Continental ContiConnect Live

Conticonnect can now measure and control the tyre data in real time via the cloud, thanks to telematics, allowing for enhanced control, logistics and safety.

ContiConnect Set to be a Sign of the Future

With the launch of ContiConnect, Continental is leading the way for the latest in digital solutions. Complementing both ContiPressureCheck and ContiConnect Yard, ContiConnect Live collects both tyre pressure and temperature data, which will be sent direct, in real time to the cloud via the Central Control Unit. An additional benefit with the device is that it locates the location of the vehicle via GPS, which also helps record the operating time of the tyres.

When the information is evaluated the fleets can thereafter benefit from lower maintenance costs, reduced downtime and better time-management of the fleet, as well as better overall logistics.

ContiConnect Live is available for all Continental speciality tyres which come equipped with sensors. The application will be piloted first in Spain, Switzerland, Austria, Denmark, The UK, Finland, Sweden, Norway, France and Portugal, with other European markets thereafter set to follow.

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