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ContiConnect 2.0 Gives Positive Results

ContiConnect 2.0 Positive

ContiConnect 2.0 Predictive maintenance delivers greater efficiency

ContiConnect 2.0 for Improved Returns

The haulage industry is facing greater cost pressures than ever before. Highly efficient fleet management is therefore essential for logistics companies to be successful in an extremely competitive marketplace. Continental is introducing its upgraded ContiConnect tyre management solution to serve its customer better with a comprehensive tyre asset management offering. Continental will provide both a Standard package for tyre pressure and temperature measurement and an Advanced version, in the future, that offers the possibility of capturing a range of additional data such as tread depth and tyre condition.

Predictive Maintenance and Data-Driven Tyre Diagnostics

In early 2022, Continental began the process of transferring the existing customer base to the new system. “With the successful migration of existing customers to the revamped ContiConnect, we have laid the foundations for a future-focused tyre asset management,” says Ian Jackson, Digital and Fleet Solutions Manager at Continental Tyre Group Ltd.

“The new On-Site App brings ContiConnect 2.0 directly to the user’s smartphone, making it much more user-friendly. The Driver App, On-Site App and new web portal mean Continental offers the right solution for every purpose and every user” explains Jackson.

Haulage companies will benefit from higher fleet efficiency, reduced costs and time savings, as they can proactively schedule maintenance work and workshop visits. This helps them avoid unplanned breakdowns and stops them having to take trucks off the road. There’s also another advantage: “While ContiConnect enables better tyre maintenance, fleets should save fuel and avoid early tyre replacements and on-road breakdowns, leading to a reduction in CO2 emissions,” adds Jackson.

System Increases Planning Reliability for Processes

ContiConnect 2.0 has already proved itself in practical trials with selected customers.

“The new portal is clearer and simpler to interpret, and the issues are more explicitly displayed,” says Paul Broker, Fleet Engineering Director at G.Webb.

“That’s great for us in a busy office. We’re able to extract the vital information that we need quickly and pass this through to the workshop to begin repair preparations. It seems like a simple improvement, but it has a massively practical benefit to us.”

G.Webb is a bulk haulage firm based in Cambridgeshire. As a long-time beneficiary of the Continental Digital Solutions range, the company had the practical knowledge and experience to support Continental in a critical stage of the system’s development.

“The Continental Digital Solutions package has transformed the way we work,” adds Broker. For example, there is much more predictability in workshop loading. “We rarely get blowouts now, where once it was a frequent occurrence.” Adding more data about tread depths, remaining mileage and general rubber condition will further improve working processes.

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