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Goodyear’s Sustainability Survey: Transport Focus

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Goodyear launches the fourth edition of the Sustainable Reality Survey, continuing to explore sustainability in the transportation industry.

Unveiling Transport Sustainability: Goodyear’s 2024 Sustainable Reality Survey

The Sustainable Reality Survey aims to uncover insights, progress, and challenges in integrating sustainable practices into the operations of transport fleets in Europe. Organized by Goodyear, the survey is available on the Sustainable Reality Survey website and will be open until July 21, 2024. As with previous years, a tree will be planted for every completed survey. The 2024 survey will include a similar set of questions, enabling Goodyear to track how perceptions within the industry have evolved over time.

Participants are asked about their current sustainability practices, including eco-friendly technologies, adherence to environmental regulations, and implementation of sustainability objectives. The survey explores the challenges faced in adopting sustainable measures and the perceived benefits, such as cost savings and improved operational efficiency.

Trade-Offs Between Sustainability and Performance

Furthermore, this year’s survey introduces a new question to assess whether sustainability often comes at the expense of performance. By including this new question, Goodyear aims to gain deeper insights into industry perceptions and potential trade-offs, ultimately guiding the development of solutions that effectively integrate sustainability without compromising performance.

“We are proud to engage with fleets across Europe through the Sustainable Reality Survey, gaining unique insights into their day-to-day decisions. This year’s edition promises to provide valuable data on the progress, opportunities and challenges on the journey towards more sustainable mobility,” – says Maciej Szymanski, Marketing Director Commercial EMEA at Goodyear.

Comprehensive Report to Provide Benchmark and Best Practices for Fleet Operators

Like each year, the 2024 Sustainable Reality Survey report will be available for download later this year. This comprehensive report provides a detailed analysis of the industry’s sustainability trends. It offers fleet operators a benchmark to measure their practices against industry standards. Additionally, it serves as a resource for identifying best practices, understanding emerging challenges, and discovering innovative solutions that can enhance sustainability and operational efficiency.

Key Trends in European Transportation Sustainability

The 2023 Sustainable Reality Survey revealed several key trends in the European transportation industry’s approach to sustainability. Most fleets that participated in the survey identified sustainability as either ‘important’ or ‘very important,’ with one-third of fleets considering it a core corporate value. The survey highlighted that sustainable measures are increasingly regarded as cost-saving strategies, with 39% of fleets reporting operational cost reductions through sustainable practices.

Larger fleets, especially those with over 500 vehicles, have confirmed their leadership in defining and implementing sustainability goals, with 75% having already taken action. Additionally, fuel-efficient tyres emerged as a popular component in sustainability strategies, with 56% of fleets using them to enhance efficiency and reduce environmental impact. These findings underscore the growing commitment within the industry to integrate sustainable practices while maintaining operational efficiency.

As part of the Sustainable Reality Survey 2024, Goodyear will continue planting new trees for every survey response. Since 2021, Goodyear has already supported planting over 7,000 trees as part of reforestation programs led by Tree-Nation.

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