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Goodyear Providing Sustainability Certificate For Tyre Choices

Goodyear Sustainability Certificate

Goodyear provides a new sustainability certificate to its customers with truck fleets which helps them position themselves as CO2-conscious service providers to their own customers. The TIP Group in Germany and Ernst Derfeser GmbH in Austria are the first Goodyear customers to receive the new certificate.

CO2 Conscious Fleets

CO2-conscious truck fleets make a valuable contribution to climate protection. By choosing sustainable tyres, they contribute to the decarbonization of the transport market. In doing so, they act following the European Green Deal, the European Commission’s roadmap for a climate-neutral Europe by 2050.

“With our new sustainability certificate, transport fleets can position themselves as particularly sustainable service providers to their customers and thereby increase their own competitiveness. With products, solutions and services from Goodyear, the partner for efficient, clean mobility, fleets can reduce their carbon footprint while reducing their total cost of ownership,” says Klaus Delatron, Manager of Truck Fleet Operations at Goodyear.

Goodyear Sustainability Certificates

Goodyear offers the new sustainability certificate in three versions: for fleet customers who use at least two-thirds of rolling resistance-optimised tyres with B label for fuel efficiency, customers who use at least 50% retreaded tyres and customers who use at least two-thirds of fuel-efficient or retreaded products. Only Goodyear customers whose tyre inventory consists of 80% or more of Goodyear tyres are eligible for the certificate.

“We establish high environmental and social standards in our company and see ourselves as responsible for doing our part for a sustainable future. We achieve our ambitious goals with clearly defined and verifiable measures in all areas of our company. The use of retreaded tyres is one option we have implemented to conserve valuable resources and reduce our CO2 footprint. For this reason, we are particularly pleased about the sustainability certification from Goodyear. It recognises our commitment and confirms our decisions to implement sustainable projects,” says Oliver Bange, Managing Director of Central Region, TIP Group.

Ernst Derfeser GmbH, based in Vomp, Austria, also received the certificate because it makes particularly sustainable tyre choices. The company uses 60% of retreated products.

“For us, resource-saving use of raw materials is not only a contribution to active environmental protection but also an obligation towards future generations. We also act according to this principle when choosing tyres. In addition to using low-emission trucks, retreading allows us to save valuable raw materials, avoid waste and reduce our CO2 footprint. At the same time, we reduce our overall tyre costs through first and second retreads,” explains Ernst Derfeser, managing director of the company.

Customer Benefits

The benefits in terms of fuel savings, CO2 reduction and total operation costs can be clearly quantified, as the following sample calculations from Goodyear demonstrate.

A semi-trailer truck with twelve tyres with a B label for fuel efficiency uses up to 4.5% less diesel than a truck with a C label tyres. The annual savings for a single truck are up to 1,270 litres of diesel and up to 3.3 tons of CO2 and for a fleet of 100 trucks, up to 127,000 litres of diesel and up to 330 tons of CO2.

Through retreading, fleets can extend the life of a tyre by an additional 150%. After the first life cycle, the tyres are first recut, then retreaded and then recut again. For these four tyre lives, the customer pays up to 10% less than if they bought two sets of new tyres, which they neither recut nor retread, but rather dispose of after the first life cycle.

Goodyear Total Mobility

Goodyear Total Mobility provides truck fleets with a complete offer that is aimed at CO2 efficiency, fuel and cost efficiency, drastic reduction of downtime in the fleet and reduction of total cost of ownership. The offering consists of a full range of new and retreaded tyres, solutions such as the Goodyear TPMS, a predictive tyre pressure monitoring system and the TruckForce service network, the Goodyear network for high-quality truck tyre service with more than 2,000 partners across Europe. By 2050, Goodyear is aiming for net-zero greenhouse gas emissions across its entire value chain.

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