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Goodyear DrivePoint HD for Ports

Goodyear DrivePoint HD Ports

Goodyear is launching an innovative DrivePoint Heavy Duty tyre monitoring solution which helps container handling maintenance managers improve preventive tyre maintenance and reduce vehicle downtime.

Goodyear launches Goodyear DrivePoint Heavy Duty Solution

Goodyear DrivePoint Heavy Duty is based around durable hardware and user-friendly mobile and web applications. It uses technology proven in the truck industry but upscaled and adapted for use on larger container-handling machines such as reach stackers, straddle carriers and automated guided vehicles (AGV).

The system uses battery-powered receivers that will be based in the port or yard. The receivers read and analyse data from the machine’s dedicated heavy-duty on-valve tyre pressure sensors as they drive past, saving the operator valuable time. The easy-to-install Goodyear DrivePoint Heavy Duty hardware is only part of the solution. Goodyear has vast experience in creating online fleet and tyre management tools through its Proactive Solutions centre of excellence. As a result, Goodyear DrivePoint Heavy Duty features three pieces of software for operators, drivers and technicians: Goodyear FleetHub, Goodyear DriverHub and Goodyear TechHub.

Goodyear FleetHub is a specifically designed web and mobile application designed to deliver constant information regarding the condition of the fleet’s tyres. The integrated connectivity with the machine and port hardware makes it a data-driven tyre management solution. It gives the operator and operational personnel full and remote visibility of the machine’s tyre status. In addition, the system notifies the operator when a tyre needs urgent maintenance allowing operators to manage the machines their way efficiently.

Goodyear DriverHub uses the same data streams but turns them into driver-relevant information, delivering constant information regarding tyre condition. Connected with the Goodyear DrivePoint Heavy Duty, the app assists drivers and operators in making appropriate decisions to help reduce tyre-related incidents and supports strengthening the port’s safety.

Goodyear TechHub assists technicians to easily manage the installation and/or maintenance of Goodyear DrivePoint Heavy Duty. The intuitive mobile app aids the set-up across fleets, guides the user through the installation procedure and allows the rapid input of the correct parameters for each hardware type.

All three solutions are synchronised with the Goodyear cloud so that the data remains collected when out of network range.

Octavian Velcan, Managing Director OTR & Aviation EMEA, said; “The container handling industry is facing unprecedented supply and cost pressures, so Goodyear DrivePoint Heavy Duty is a timely innovation at a critical point for the industry. Operators can focus on keeping their machines moving by reducing the number of hours spent on checking machines and tyre maintenance by using automated solutions with both desktop and mobile app software support.”  Goodyear DrivePoint Heavy Duty has been piloted in a trial at Hutchison Ports ECT Rotterdam (ECT), one of Europe’s leading and most advanced container terminal operators. In addition, Goodyear DrivePoint Heavy Duty was installed on automated guide vehicles at the ECT Euromax and ECT Delta terminals.

This trial concluded that vehicles could be serviced efficiently and that the solution helped extend tyre service life. The solution was strongly appreciated for the needs of their AGV operations, as there were no stoppages for tyre checking. Extended software solutions can now bring the same advantages to driver-operated container-handling vehicles.

The introduction of Drive Point Heavy Duty further extends Goodyear’s portfolio of products and services intended for port applications. In 2021, Goodyear introduced the EV-4S Gen II, EV-5S Gen II and EV-4M Port Handler tyre designs, extending the company’s wide range of port handling tyres and tailor-made solutions for container handlers, reach stackers, straddle carriers, shuttle sprinter carriers and other similar equipment.

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