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Goodyear for Electric Trucks

Goodyear Electric Trucks

Goodyear enables 15,000 kilograms of CO2 savings through partnership in the “Green Logistics by Galliker” association

Galliker Opts for Goodyear

Goodyear is equipping the world’s first all-electric 40-tonne truck with 900 kilowatt hours (kWh) of battery capacity with KMAX GEN-2 tyres for the steer and drive axles. The tyre, designed for conventional and electric drive, offers high mileage and excellent traction for use on the highway, in regional transport and in city traffic, even in difficult weather conditions. Since October 2021, the vehicle has been proving itself in daily fleet use at Galliker Transport AG, Altishofen, Switzerland.

“The fleet operator Galliker is a pioneer in the use of alternative drives. By working together, we are gaining more and more insights into electric mobility and the requirements for our tyres,” says Daniel Hedinger, Truck Tyre Sales Manager at Goodyear.

The innovative semitrailer tractor developed by the Swiss truck manufacturer Futuricum achieves a range of up to 500 kilometers comparable to that of a diesel truck. The truck thus sets a new standard for the operating radius of heavy commercial vehicles with electric drive and expands their range of tasks to include energy-intensive applications such as heavy and special transport. The wear-resistant KMAX GEN-2 supports the advantages of the new truck with high mileage and excellent traction over the tyre’s entire service life.

Electric trucks have different tyre requirements than vehicles with combustion engines. The tyres must help increase the range between charges and provide traction. It is therefore essential to achieve an optimal compromise between rolling resistance and traction. In addition, the tyres are subjected to significantly higher loads due to the high torque and heavy batteries in electric vehicles. The demands on the durability of the tyres are therefore significantly higher.

“The KMAX GEN-2 offers high mileage thanks to our low-wear profile rib technology, the abrasion-resistant tread compound and an optimised carcass contour for even pressure distribution in the contact area, combined with an optimal compromise between rolling resistance and traction,” explains Eric Muller, Director Products & Innovation EMEA at Goodyear. “The combination ensures year-round mobility under all operational and weather conditions. This is essential for Galliker, especially in the Alps when it snows,” emphasises Muller.

Retreadability Reduces Carbon Footprint

The KMAX-GEN-2 is characterised by its good retreadability and thus contributes to the reduction of CO2 emissions. With Goodyear‘s multi-life concept for truck tyre retreading, fleets can extend the life of their tyres by an additional 150 per cent to a total of four tyre lives. After the first life cycle, the tyres are first regrooved (plus 50 per cent tyre life), then retreaded (additional 50 per cent) and then regrooved again (another 50 per cent). Less waste is generated, and the energy consumption is lower than in the production of new tyres. Compared to new tyres, 56 per cent of crude oil is saved.

Promote and Drive

Goodyear supports Galliker‘s sustainability goals both with retreadable tyres such as the KMAX GEN-2, and in the role of a partner in the “Green Logistics by Galliker” association. As a result of its participation in the association’s development fund, Goodyear is contributing 15,000 kilograms of CO2 saved to Galliker‘s sustainability goals in 2022. Thanks to the commitment of the partners of the association and Galliker, a total of 2,000,800 kilograms of CO2 had already been saved by December 31, 2021.

Galliker has set itself the goal of making its fleet CO2-neutral by 2050. With the support of the association, this goal could even be achieved before 2050. The association supports CO2-neutral logistics services of the companies in the Galliker Group, so that sustainable electric vehicles such as the all-electric 40-ton truck tractor with the Goodyear KMAX GEN-2 and vehicles with other alternative drives can get on the road faster.

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