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Goodyear and TyreOps Launch Jobs & Inspection Connection Throughout Europe

Goodyear and TyreOps have launched a connection to allow fleet, job and inspection data to be synchronised when carrying out work for fleets, eliminating double entry. 

Goodyear and TyreOps Join Forces 

The connection will allow tyre businesses within the Goodyear network to save up to 50% of admin time when carrying out fleet work when using TyreOps, and allows TyreOps users to manage assigned Goodyear fleets alongside their existing customers securely and through one single system, eliminating the need for double entry of data. This means greater operational efficiencies, cost savings and the ability to manage all of their data from one place. 

“With this connection, our Goodyear network becomes stronger and along with our eJob app allows for greater operational capacity and efficiencies when it comes to work being carried out for our fleet customers” says Kevin Trumper, Connect & Drive Manager Europe at Goodyear Commercial Tires. 

“Our service partners have been waiting for this solution for years that will save time and ensure efficient data exchange between any systems, and this is now possible with the TyreOps solution. It enables our operators to stay agile and receive crucial data much quicker whilst contributing as a Goodyear Network Partner in a big way. This step is another milestone in our development which we are proud to have implemented” he added. 

The connection allows for tyre service providers to manage assigned vehicle lists, receive job notifications, send job and inspection data on completion to sync with both systems. 

“We’re incredibly honoured and excited about this connection that brings TyreOps and the tyre industry an amazing step forward, and gives tyre businesses something that they’ve been wishing for years” said Joe Stapleton, Founder & Director at TyreOps. 

“We’re incredibly happy to have collaborated with Goodyear who have been enthusiastic since the beginning to provide tyre businesses a more efficient, environmentally friendly and cost-effective way to manage their businesses alongside Goodyear assigned fleets. Not only will Goodyear benefit from the connection, the company is happy to be part of a solution that the industry so much needed, and to contribute to bringing market leading technology, benefitting Goodyear/Dunlop and all tyre businesses.” 

The TyreOps solution allows Tyre Businesses to manage Retail, Commercial & Specialty customers all from one system, to simplify operations, reduce admin and double entry, and promote environmentally friendly practices throughout the whole tyre supply chain, also providing insights through the data collected in the system for a more profitable business management. 

TyreOps have further updates on the horizon with more fully integrated connections with manufacturers which will resolve all operational issues that have been left aside in the industry for over a decade. This furthers TyreOps to be the “only one system needed” solution to enable tyre businesses to be more efficient, profitable and sustainable in their operations. 

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