Goodyear eJob Upgrade for Automated Commercial Fleet Inspections

Max Kienberger using the Goodyear eJob application

Goodyear’s new smart solution, eJob is contributing to significant time savings and transparency from A to Z for fleets across Europe. 

New Version of Goodyear’s eJob tool Released 

Goodyear has introduced an advanced version of its eJob automated fleet inspection tool. This smart app automates and streamlines the total truck and bus fleet inspection process, from registration to maintenance, roadside assistance, retreading and warranty for service providers. From a fleet perspective, eJob offers full transparency of all fleet maintenance and inspections performed, visible within seconds after job delivery anywhere in Europe. 

The smart app is compatible with Goodyear FleetOnlineSolutions (FOS), one of the leading fleet tyre management systems on the market. This upgraded platform provides fleets and fleet-managed tyre dealers with a comprehensive overview including all vehicles, their location, applied tyre policy and agreed terms, as well as warranty. 

“Regular fleet inspections increase uptime and avoid potential tyre-related problems and costs; however, they can be time consuming for a company that always has a deadline. Verifying a fleet of fifty vehicles can easily take up to twenty hours. The latest version of eJob takes the fleet inspection process to the next level, providing complete automation from tyre registration, remaining tread depth and tyre pressure registration, as well as planning of next steps in the tyre maintenance and management process,” explained Maciej Szymanski, European Marketing Director for Goodyear's Commercial Business Unit. 

Goodyear's latest eJob update is fully aligned with the latest trends in the industry where trucks and parts are increasingly connected. Support for rapid and automated data collection is critical in this regard. 

Kamil Triska from Pneumaster’s quality service network in Poland stated “The new version of eJob enables our teams to further increase work efficiency and highlight customer satisfaction. Since using eJob, we have been able to better plan our work, reduce administrative tasks, streamline stock management, and provide faster service to our customers. The tool is really easy to use and provides significant time savings, transparent reports are highly appreciated by our fleet customers.” 

The application can be installed on Android devices (OS 7 and higher) and allows tyre technicians to record and transmit tyre data, as well as send images to the end customer from anywhere in Europe. All data is instantly transmitted through Goodyear FleetOnlineSolutions and offers truck operators full transparency on the tyre management provided. The fleet customer can virtually view the condition of the tyre, the reason for the change, and the list of work performed by their service partner. 

In order to work as a professional, you need the best tools. For us, professional fleet management involves FleetOnlineSolutions and eJob. Collecting manual tyre data on paper is simply unthinkable for us today. With the help of an RFID chip in the tyre, we can identify each tyre based on direct data from the manufacturer. Through the advanced eJob app, all tyre pressure and tread depth measurements by wheel position are automatically uploaded via Bluetooth to FleetOnlineSolutions, offering full transparency and accurate data to our fleet customers” said Max Kienberger, large fleet service provider in Germany. 

With a simple barcode scan, the technician records all key tyre data directly from the manufacturing database, including tyre name, product code, size and type, original tyre depth, tread and maintenance policy agreed by the customer. New eJob features also include the management of the customer's stored tyres, as well as completed and timed jobs. 

eJob is available to service providers, in multiple languages and is an integral part of Goodyear Total Mobility. Known as a unique offering fully customisable to meet the needs of local and long-distance transportation companies. 

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