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Client Calls for Bridgestone VT Factory Fit

Bridgestone VT Factory Fit

Dammann trac rolls on Bridgestone VT tractor tyres from the leading manufacturer.

German Client Requests Factory Fit Bridgestone VT Tractor

As an agricultural operation in the hills of Central Saxony, the Agraset-Agrargenossenschaft eG Naundorf focuses on the cultivation of winter wheat, rapeseed, and barley as well as potatoes, corn, turnips, and grass seed propagation.

By default, the Dammann trac 3500 DT 3500H S5 rolls on 520/85R42 ex-works – but not at Agraset. For more soil-friendly work, the farm chose the Bridgestone VT-Tractor VF620/70R42, a wider agricultural tyre with VF carcass to be able to drive with lower, soil-friendly tyre pressure.

The VT-Tractor is one of the focus products in the Bridgestone premium agricultural tyre segment. It is particularly gentle on the soil, has a large contact area and only minimally compacts the subsoil. At the same time, farmers benefit from increased effectiveness through excellent traction and low fuel consumption.

In use, Agraset also requires a remarkably high load capacity, since the Dammann trac is sometimes driven on the road with a full 12,000 litre tank. The VT-Tractor can also score well here, thanks to its more flexible and more resistant sidewalls, it can carry up to 40 per cent more load than a standard tyre with the same air pressure thanks to VF (Very High Flexion) technology.

In day-to-day business, Matthias Hörig, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors of Agraset-Agrargenossenschaft eG Naundorf and Head of Plant Production, sees further advantages here; “Due to the higher load capacity of the Bridgestone VT tractor with VF technology, the tyre pressure can be reduced by up to 1 bar compared to competing products and therefore be driven in a way that protects the soil.”

In addition to the VT tractor, which is currently available in 28 versions, Agraset also drives other Bridgestone agricultural tyres on large John Deere tractors.

“We are very happy to have found the right tyres for special vehicles in our fleet,” says Matthias Hörig, who also appreciates the strengths of the products in the future.

“Due to the large contact area and the low air pressure, soil compaction is reduced, especially with multiple passes. The track depth of the tramlines and thus the effort involved in subsequent work can be reduced as a result – this is a real plus point, especially with regard to tillage and fuel consumption.”

Matthias Hörig appreciates the particularly high load capacities and soil protection of the tractors, especially when working on grassland. He rates the mileage of the tractors with a high proportion of roads as particularly good.

“The specific challenges of our customers are very important to us and are always our focus,” says Christoph Frost, Director Commercial Products Bridgestone Central Europe.

“At the special request of the customer, the Dammann trac was factory-fitted with Bridgestone VT tractor tyres with VF technology since the tyres can be driven with 1 bar less air pressure than standard tyres. And that is precisely our premium claim: We want to offer our customers the right, high-quality solution so that they can master their daily challenges in the best conceivable way.”

Agraset appreciates Bridgestone‘s service philosophy, the cooperation, and the direct contact with the field service.

In addition, it is the goal of the Agraset-Agrargenossenschaft eG to integrate processing and sales into natural cycles: “We practice a circular economy,” explains Matthias Hörig. “By conserving our resources and using the latest technology, we practice sustainable agriculture. With our subsidiaries and our partner companies, we can now offer our customers a very wide range of products and services, ranging from technical service for agricultural machinery.”

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