Bridgestone Makes Decision to Suspend Manufacturing in Russia and Exports to Russia and Offers Support for Ukrainian Humanitarian Efforts


The Bridgestone Group, following close monitoring of the situation in Ukraine, has announced to suspend manufacturing in Russia and exports to Russia.

Bridgestone Looks to E8 Commitment to Help Make Decisive Decision on the Conflict with Donation to Ukrainian War Refugees Fund

For local manufacturing, its car tyre plan operations at its Russian plant cease today, with all new capital investment frozen, effective 18th March. Tyre exports to Russia have been suspended as of 14th March. Bridgestone's operations from its Russian operations account for 2.5 per cent of its total revenue. Expats and families, numbering 10 in total, will also return from Russia to Japan.

Bridgestone will also donate EUR 2.5 million to the UNHCR (Office of the United National High Commissioner for Refugees), with an additional EUR 1 million from its European operations and USD 250,000 from both its Amerian and Asian-Pacific sectors to the International Red Cross. In total, this makes for a total donation of JPY 500 million.

In Bridgestone’s statement, it adds that its staff in Europe are helping with volunteering activities through the delivery of essential supplies. The manufacturer also explained that its E8 Commitment is based on supporting humanitarian efforts for children and others placed in crisis, ending its statement to “contributing to a society that ensures accessibility and dignity for all, as defined in empowerment in the community”.

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