Bridgestone Brings out Downloadable e-books to Keep Commercial Fleets on the Road


Bridgestone has created an informative digital hub to keep commercial fleet operators aware of the core tyre topics with a series of free, downloadable e-books.

New Move by Bridgestone to Help Answer Some of the Most Commonly Asked Tyre Questions

The Keeping You on the Road e-guides will offer fleets valuable insights about tyre maintenance and best practice advice. The guides cover topics such as tyre care, maintenance, components and tyre markings. Each document is written to give a clear, easy summary of the pertinent topic at hand, making for a readable, jargon-free guide for drivers.

Bridgestone’s Commercial & Solutions Marketing Executive, Gresia Cabrera, said that the guides were developed over many months with Bridgestone speaking to dozens of operators to understand their challenges and needs.

“Our Keeping You on the Road e-books are designed with all fleet operators in mind, offering practical, time-saving tips to ensure their fleets are moving safely. They’ve been created to make tyre maintenance even more manageable, offering valuable advice and solutions."

By making the guides free Cabrera argues this is another sign of Bridgestone’s ‘added value support.’

“We have been asked why we haven’t made this a subscription service, but we pride ourselves on being a customer-centric business, providing added value in different ways. It is important that the whole industry benefits from these e-books, and we hope that commercial fleets will find them of value," added Cabrera.

For Bridgestone, this step into commercial support is something that the manufacturer has been keenly focusing on. With recent fleet contract acquisitions, including Collease, Stobart Energy and Stagecoach, Bridgestone has looked to fleet management tools to help operators fully utilise its fleet.

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