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BKT Announced as New Premium Partner of Euroleague

Premium Partner of Euroleague

In a special press announcement online, hosted by Diego Fernandez, Communications Director of Euroleague, it was announced that BKT have signed a new sports sponsorship agreement with Euroleague to be a premium partner.

BKT and Euroleague Celebrate a New Partnership and Season of Basketball

Jordi Bertomeu, Euroleague President and CEO was given the honour of exclusively declaring the new agreement and welcoming Lucia Salmaso, CEO of BKT Europe, explaining that, “It’s a strong message that the sport is back, it’s a strong message that the business is back, and it’s time for taking decision in these dark moments.” Bertomeu announced as well that the partnership is taking place on an exciting day – kick-off, with the first basketball matches of the 7 DAYS Eurocup taking place after a six-month absence of basketball. Describing BKT as becoming part of the family, he offered gratitude for their collaboration and expressed admiration for BKT’s business model. Noting that BKT was a “Market leader of off-highway tyres, in over 160 countries,” he explained that by joining the Euroleague organisation as a partner, for three seasons, until 2022, Euroleague would build a consolidated relationship with BKT, which he indicated could well extend over the three years. He also mentioned that BKT would experience key benefits as part of the Euroleague family network.

Like BKT’s impressive representation around the world, Euroleague also has a noted presence, via their fan base. Lucia explained that the fan base is particularly extensive, having 300 million fans in 175 countries and territories and a total of 3 billion viewers per season. Bertomeu acknowledged these statistics and added that “There was an enormous window to reach billions of fans, but equally important is the enhanced service and engagement that we could link with BKT, so we could grow together.”

Lucia explained BKT’s motivation for reaching out to Euroleague, in their unique role as a major tyre specialist company involved in sports sponsorship. As a B2B company in the specialised tyre industry, they initially felt with their early sports partnerships that the sports sponsorships could be a serious risk for their brand. Salmaso explained that those doubts were quickly put to rest and that sports sponsorships have been a strategic tool they have continued to build and expand on since their early sponsorships. Before the announcement, on September 29th BKT already had sponsorships with the LaLiga football league in Spain, Serie B in Italy, the Coupe de la Ligue in France, the KFC Big Bash Cricket League in Australia, 6 of the T20 Cricket Teams in India and the American motorshow, Monster Jam.

As BKT, who are based in Mumbai, India and distribute tyres to over 160 countries, have such a global footprint, Lucia explained that in terms of marketing they always have to think outside the box when it comes to their international marketing strategy. They have to do this whilst communicating on a local level to the end users, which she refers to as their tyre audience. Lucia explained that before this partnership, BKT felt that it was a difficult challenge to win over their extensive audience. Strategically, Lucia believes that the basketball partnership, which she views as prestigious, complements BKT’s business strategy, regarding “Fair play, passion, the challenge and the focus on young talent. Basketball fans are loyal and passionate, something BKT can identify with.”

As part of the new journey, Lucia explains that Euroleague will gain them widespread visibility and international coverage recognition, via touchpoints in the arenas where Euroleague and Eurocup are played, via LED systems, jumbotrons, onsite initials, on television graphics, headers and on pre and post interview backdrops. Mentioning the digital space as well, BKT will also be visible on digital and social media channels. As an active sponsor, BKT will also go beyond the media viability offered by the partnership and focus on brand activation and fund engagement activities.

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