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Redpath Tyres’ Efficiency Drive Prompts Bridgestone FleetBridge Integration via e-jobsheet

Redpath Tyres

Following the successful integration between TiDaeX and Bridgestone’s FleetBridge system, Redpath Tyres is leveraging its use of e-jobsheet to connect directly with FleetBridge to secure greater shared data accuracy and efficiency between its business and Bridgestone Europe.  

Redpath Tyres Chooses e-jobsheet 

When work is conducted by Redpath Tyres on a Bridgestone fleet vehicle, the direct connection between e-jobsheet and Bridgestone’s FleetBridge system will enable job data to be passed automatically from the the tablet, including a copy of the job card and any photos and signatures provided, to be populated in both company systems within seconds of job completion from a fitter’s tablet.  Inspection data will also be transmitted automatically to Bridgestone 

Melissa Redpath, head of operations at Redpath Tyres, says, “Because the systems introduced by CAM some five years ago and its support are working so well with our business, we agreed to jointly push on with this option for delivering even greater efficiencies by connecting with Bridgestone’s FleetBridge.”   

Steve Daly of CAM comments, “Our successful collaboration with Redpath Tyres is down to the mutual understanding of how dedicated tyre software systems can benefit commercial tyre service providers.  By working in partnership, we will be able to introduce further efficiencies for the company, proving the direct connectivity delivered by our technology can enhance the dealer’s customer service while saving them time and costs.” 

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