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Nokian Tyres Armor Gard 2 Mine Released in Smaller Size of 9.00-20

Nokian Tyres Armor Gard 2

For drill rigs in the harsh mining conditions, Nokian Tyres Armor Gard 2 Mine offers good cut resistance, decent handling and a long service-life. The tyre has only been available in size 10.00-20, but now the new size, 9.00-20, makes its qualities available for even more vehicles.

Armor Gard 2 Available in New Size

Kimmo Kekki, a Global Product Manager at Nokian Heavy Tyres, discussed the new member of the tyre family: ”Nokian Tyres Armor Gard 2 Mine has already proven its value among its customers,” Kekki says. “And we are excited to introduce this new size, as now more and more mining workers get to feel safe while working efficiently. It’s just an overall smoother experience with these tires on your vehicle.”

The underground mining sets special demands on the tyres. Sharp rocks increase the risk of tyre damage. Slippery stones call for a great wet grip. The tight spaces make the environment hard to navigate, allowing only compact machines to move freely. And yet, even with extra high safety demands, Nokian Tyres Armor Gard 2 Mine ticks all the boxes.

“These are the tyres one can rely on even in the most challenging underground conditions,” Kimmo Kekki sums it all up. 

Compared to the previous generation of Armor Gard tyres, Nokian Tyres Armor Gard 2 Mine is vertically 25 percent stiffer. It also has 12 percent more tread rubber. The tread is wider than before, which lowers the contact pressure and makes the tyre more hard-wearing.

The insert windows maximise tyre cooling and the durability of the carcass. And what is more, the New Nokian Tyres Armor Gard 2 Mine version has improvements to the tire inner liner to maximize tube durability and improve the quality of the tyres. 

Lastly, the tyre itself is reshaped to be more rectangular than before, which increases its stability by up to 25% compared to the previous model. These improvements over the already well-established product add up, making these tyres the ones to drill deeper with – into the unknown territories.

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