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Nokian Heavy Tyres Gain Finnish Recognition

Nokian Heavy Tyres Recognition

The Association for Finnish Work has awarded the Key Flag symbol to Nokian Heavy Tyres’ heavy-duty tyres, wheels and retreading materials

Nokian Heavy Tyres Gain the Key Flag and the Design from Finland Mark

The symbol can be awarded to products manufactured or a service produced in Finland, with a minimum domestic content of 50 per cent of their break-even cost. Design from Finland mark indicates the products are designed in Finland – and the company has demonstrably invested in Finnish design.

The world is changing rapidly, and that has elevated the demand and appreciation for domestic work and products. And so, it is natural that Nokian Heavy Tyres wants to honour its origins and point out that its products are made in Finland. That is what the respected Key Flag symbol stands for.

Every heavy-duty tyre, wheel and retreading material by Nokian Heavy Tyres has been designed and manufactured in Finland – where the roots of the company lie. Only the truck and bus tyres are manufactured elsewhere in the EU.

“We have always wanted to make sure our customers and stakeholders know, where our tyres are designed and manufactured”, says Manu Salmi, the managing director of Nokian Heavy Tyres.

“We are proud of our long history and high expertise, which represents the world’s absolute top in our industry – our forestry tires being one prime example.”

A flag to carry with pride

The Key Flag has been in use from 1965. It has a long history and a great reputation. Reetta Mentu, the marketing manager of The Association for Finnish Work, describes the importance the symbol:

“Consumers associate the Key Flag symbol with a positive image of domestic quality, reliability, safety, responsibility and employment”, Mentu states and adds; “With the Key Flag symbol, companies can communicate important values to their customers and other stakeholders. 92 per cent of the companies that have been awarded the Key Flag symbol state that the symbol supports the sales of products and services.”

Design from Finland mark is a testament to Finnish, responsible and professional design.

“When it comes to our products – for example the tyres and wheels for heavy machinery – we pick our chosen materials based on their sustainability and safety”, Salmi says.

“We want to ensure the usability and high quality of our products. The new research and development centre, in Nokia, which has been running since 2020, is one concrete example of this endeavour.”

During the recent years, large investments and relentless effort have been put in the product development. New products with unique and uncompromising design have then come to fruition. They have already attracted a lot of attention worldwide.

“We are a global player. And we would not do this well without our international staff and partner network”, adds Salmi. “But at the same time, we are very proud of our Finnish roots. “It is an honuor for us to show the rest of the world what amazing design work and products we do here in Finland. And I am very happy this effort has now been recognised.”

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