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Michelin Expand X Multi Range with New Dimensions

Michelin X Multi Range

From the 1st of March, New Michelin X Multi tyres will be available in profiles of 50 and 45 after being developed to equip semi-trailer trucks so that they can transport up to 100min volume.

Michelin X Multi Range Expands

The new Michelin X Multi tyres have dimensions 355/50 R 22.5 and 315/45 R 22.5. This is so that the useful loading height of the vehicle is optimised up to 3 metres and respects the maximum regulatory height of the convoy. These new references incorporate the latest technological innovations from the Michelin Group, that promote a reduction in operating costs, guarantee safety and mobility.

Transport with mega-volume configured vehicles for large cubic-loading of represents between 1.5% and 2% of the global tyre market on the Iberian Peninsula. For this market, Michelin is providing new solutions: Size 355/50 R 22.5 X MULTI Z 156K can be equipped to the front-axle of the tractor and the axles of the semi-trailer. Furthermore in size 315/45 R 22.5 X MULTI D 147/145L for the drive axle of the tractor.

The configuration of the convoy in size 315/45 R 22.5 is the only one that respects the maximum height of 4 metres from the convoy at the level of the fifth wheel and has a useful interior load height of 3 metres. This solution makes a reduction in operational fleet costs possible.

The Michelin X Multi range has a vocation for multi-purpose use on all types of motorways and has the 3PMSF certification, that guarantees performance in common wintry conditions. Michelin technologies: Infinicoil, Regenion and Carbion give the tyres good performance in terms of duration, grip, load resistance, as well as providing high levels of safety through the life of the tyre.

Infinicoil is cinched from the top with a steel cable wire that reinforces and gives more stability to the casing and at the same time allows increased loading resistance. Regenion has an evolutionary structure that regenerates it self. It is closed more when the tyre is new in order to reduce rolling resistance and that opens as it is used to maintain a high level of grip. Carbion is a rubber compound with a more homogenous structure thanks to the innovative mixing process. It promotes an improvement in abrasion resistance, which therefore allows tyre tyre to last longer (in size 355/50 R 22.5 X Multi Z).

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