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Michelin Rolls Out Its Extreme Winter Truck Tyre, the Michelin X Multi Grip

Michelin X Multi Grip

Available from 1st July, Michelin’s new Michelin X Multi Grip tyre will offer drivers better grip and safety on wet roads, while also providing increasing mileage and lower rolling resistance, making for a more sustainable tyre.

Michelin’s Latest Multi Grip Tyre Outflanks Its XFN2 and XDW IceGrip predecessors

With the crucially important 3PMSF symbol and enhanced grip, Michelin’s new X Multi Grip tyre has been designed for testing winter conditions. The tyre has an innovative tread pattern with self-regenerating sipes, based on Michelin Regenion technology, which provide excellent grip even when the tyres are worn. With 5 mm of remaining tread depth, traction on snow is more than 50% improved and braking performance on snow is improved by 20%, based on Michelin studies in its Finland testing centre. With 2 mm of remaining tread depth, the lateral grip is 20% better on icy or watery roads.

The tyre also has increased mileage which is demonstrated in the tread’s higher endurance, with Michelin estimating a 10% longer life for steer tyres and 30% for drive tyres, based on Michelin calculations. Regrooving and retreading also increase the longevity of this range of tyres and help further reduce the cost per kilometre travelled.

The tyres also have reduced rolling resistance for greater fuel savings, based on Michelin calculations of around 10%. For example, with a tractor-trailer equipped with 385/65R22.5 Michelin X Multi Grip Z and 315/80R22.5 Michelin X Multi Grip tyres, there will be a reduced fuel consumption by around 0.6 litres/100km, representing fuel savings of €574 a year and a reduction of 1.5 tonnes of CO2 emissions a year on average over the initial life of the tyres, making for a more sustainable tyre.

The dimensions available for the Michelin X Multi Grip Z product line will be 385/65R22.5/ 385/55R22.5 for the steering axle and Michelin X Multi Grip D D315/80R22.5/D315/70R22.5 sizes for the drive axle, for July 2021, with the additional Z 315/80R22.5/ Z 315/70R22.5 steering axle sizes and D 295/80R22.5/ D 295/80R22.5 sizes for the drive axle ready for July 2022.

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