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MICHELIN Connected Fleet makes Fleets fit for the Future

Michelin Connected Fleet

Positive development one year after market launch with growing customer base

MICHELIN Connected Fleet: Safer, Cost-effective and Environmentally Friendly

MICHELIN Connected Fleet has consolidated its market presence and expanded its customer base with its fleet connectivity solution, which provides tools and information to keep an eye on the fleet at all times and increase daily fleet performance with smart reports.

“Our mission is to help fleet managers optimise their business with performance analytics: These are based on smart data and tools, create more transparency and lead to better decision-making. This can make operations more cost-effective, safer, predictable and sustainable. We work very closely with our customers and are more than a supplier: we stand by their side as true partners,” says Renate Häßler, Country Manager of MICHELIN Connected Fleet in Germany.

Cost-effective and resource-saving

MICHELIN Connected Fleet solutions can reduce fleet fuel consumption by around five percent on average. With a mileage of 180,000 kilometres, that’s about 3,780 euros per year and vehicle.   This is an important contribution to cost reduction, especially before the current discussion about the increase in the CO2 tax from 2024. The data from MICHELIN Connected Fleet can also indicate the vehicles’ maintenance needs at an early stage , which reduces unplanned downtime and thus increases productivity. In addition, the system can monitor tyre pressure and temperature, significantly reducing the likelihood of roadside breakdowns. This prevents missed deliveries, vehicle damage and higher repair and tyre costs.

Enhanced Safety on the Road

At the same time, MICHELIN Connected Fleet increases road safety by providing valuable feedback on driving behaviour. According to a data analysis of customer projects and case studies over the past few years, this leads to an average of 23 per cent fewer traffic accidents due to speeding and heavy acceleration or braking. In turn, insurance costs for the entire fleet can be reduced by around 40 per cent.

For further expansion, MICHELIN Connected Fleet has expanded its German team of experts.


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