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Kingsway Signs Up to a Connected Future with Uniserv

Kingsway Uniserv Future

Kingsway Tyres, which recently became part of the Lodge Tyre Group, is committing significant investment in CAM technologies in addition to its already sizeable participation in the e-jobsheet tablet platform in order to take advantage of an integrated systems approach which maximises customer interaction, increases business efficiency and accuracy, whilst also housing a dynamic data repository for information dissemination.

Kingsway Embraces a Connected Future with Uniserv

The investment incorporates CAM’s UniSerV platform, Online Tyre Catalogue (OTC) and CAMEO systems. The technologies will enable Kingsway to streamline its business functions while leveraging the power of product and transactional data to deliver efficiencies and present incremental business opportunities.

Martin O’Brien, managing director of Kingsway Tyres, says, “Data connectivity is key. We decided to go with the commercial service provider’s system of choice, UniSerV, and other CAM technologies, as they are widely known in the industry to provide scalable, versatile and connected solutions that help tyre businesses adapt to changing environments. Our main business objective is to ensure that we increase efficiencies and profitability, and gain greater control over the customer-facing aspects of our operations.”

Mike Allen, managing director of CAM, comments, “These are exciting times for Kingsway and we are confident that CAM can assist in helping the business achieve its future growth and customer service goals by enabling the operator to become more streamlined and efficient through data connection to its key customer and supplier partners.”

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