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Vast Experience and Array of Benefits for fitter-force™ Makes CAM a Strong Bet for Industrial Tyre Dealers

Part 9 in our Commercial Tyre Business feature on Industrial Tyres sees the Commercial Director of CAM return, Steve Daly. Steve detailed the key benefits that CAM’s technology and offerings can provide for this sector, as well as the trends that the company is seeing arise from industrial tyre dealers.

Steve Daly, Interviewed by Commercial Tyre Business

We were keen to find out from Steve, what the main advantages were for dealers operating in the industrial tyres space. Steve began by highlighting the benefit of enhanced visibility of mobile operations and the stock holding position relating to those operations which is provided by CAM’s products. “Those dealers that have a fitter-force™ implementation can capture all the data on linked to the vehicle being visited by the mobile fitter and ‘play back’ that information into the business, giving them total control over their tyre management,” he said.

The fitter-force™ implementation also has the benefit of marketability. Daly explained, “For example, if a dealer is known to have a fitter-force™ implementation (and explicit in this is that e-jobsheet drives the dealer’s processes), and a fleet is reviewing its supplier relationships, there is some justification to suggest that the dealer has the tools necessary to be able to carry out these functions, therefore helping secure competitive advantage for the dealer.”

Daly: “Dealers Want to Know that All the Tyre Data is Available on the System”

For industrial tyre manufacturers and across the tyre sector, sustainability, digitalisation and autonomous vehicles are the buzzwords that continuously rear their heads whether you find yourself in the agricultural tyre sector, truck and bus tyre sector or the industrial tyre sector. But how does this change for an IT provider such as CAM? And what demands do they see emerging in this segment?


Daly responded, “Dealers want to know that all the tyre data is available on the system – irrespective of category – and that they will have access to it for processing purposes.

“So, this is where the Online Tyre Catalogue (OTC) comes into play.  Also, policies differ with tyre type.  The system needs to support this and provide the dealer with the flexibility to inform their technicians on a contract-by-contract basis, in order to drive consistent best practice.”

The OTC stores tyre data from a plethora of tyre suppliers across all tyre categories from markets across the globe. The data on the OTC is constantly updated, cleansed, formatted and indexed, meaning it can be made available for delivery to CAM customers and partners in a timely manner.

Taking into account the OTC’s huge amounts of data and information, it is clear to see how it comes into play in CAM’s offering for dealers, especially given the importance of knowing the tyre data available to them on the system.

CAM’s Success in the Industrial Tyre Arena

Recently, CAM announced that its e-jobsheet app was being introduced at Yorkshire Industrial Tyres in order for the company to streamline its processes even further. With Rob Davies, area manager, Yorkshire Industrial Tyres, commenting, “Call Logging integrated with e-jobsheet streamlines the whole process of job allocation, ensuring a positive customer experience while making sure that invoicing is up-to-date.  The beauty of e-jobsheet is that it pools all the jobs together in the local area and allocates the work to the nearest fitter available to accept the job.  We can see the jobs in progress, when they are completed, and the jobs we’ve got coming up, at a glance.”


Keeping that success story in mind and the recent progress CAM had made with industrial tyre dealers in the form of Yorkshire Industrial Tyres, the natural question that comes to mind is to enquire about further successful case studies for the company in the industrial tyres space.

Daly explained, “CAM has held numerous long-term partnerships in this area, including with a well-known national provider, who was working with us even before the introduction of e-jobsheet.  As a result, we can confidently state that we are well versed through partnerships in this area, and we deploy e-jobsheet and enhancements to fitter-force™ to continue our standing in this sector, as well as through our account management investment.”

Thanks to the strength of their experiences with Yorkshire Industrial Tyres and a national provider with whom the company had been working even before the launch of e-jobsheetCAM are a good bet for industrial tyre dealers if they want to accelerate their transformation to a digital operation.

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