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CAM Commits Further Investment at UUG Meeting


At the sixth UniSerV User Group (UUG) meeting in Birmingham recently, CAM committed to further major investment over the next 18 months. This ensures that commercial service providers maximise their efficiencies and gain incremental business opportunities presented through its new fleet management enhancements and system reporting tools as well as benefit from the increasingly fertile area of business intelligence (BI).  

The meeting, chaired by Anne Sherwood of Tructyre, was attended by UniSerV customers Aone, Dexel, Horndean Tyres, Lodge Tyre, Micheldever Protyre, Watling Tyres, Tyrenet, Tyrework and Universal & Autocentres. The UUG learnt about the projected developments in fleet management, driven largely by the integration into e-jobsheet, as well as the expansion of the customer relationship management module within CAMEO to manage policy, inspection calendars, customer communications and account parameters.

The meeting highlighted to attendees how the use of e-jobsheet can promote UUGers to organise and analyse their raw data through the creation of dashboards or reports that can be constructed by options including customer, sales turnover, profit, stock and service items, fitter productivity and profitability, transaction types, locations or a combination of them to assist in fleet customer acquisition and retention.

Anne Sherwood said, “CAM has pledged further investment to take system and data connectivity to the next level, enabling greater efficiencies to be introduced and more business to be generated.  The proliferation of BI means data will be able to be shared amongst the enlightened UUG participants so that they are more than competitive in the areas of fleet customer acquisition and retention over their non e-jobsheet enabled competitors.”

Kate Neill, UniSerV product manager for CAM, commented, “The UUG meetings have become an insightful, thought-leading forum for UniSerV customers to debate key issues and challenges, and become beneficiaries of the latest technological developments to be introduced by CAM.”

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