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Goodyear Sustainability Survey Results – Spain

Goodyear has released the results of its annual survey on the reality of sustainability

Goodyear Survey on the Reality of Sustainability in Europe

The survey asked more than 1,400 fleet operators from 33 European countries about their sustainability efforts, goals and strategies. In Spain, a total of 87 operators participated.

An overwhelming majority of the responses (99% of the participants in the case of Spain) highlighted the importance of sustainability for their companies, with the largest fleets being the most likely to report the application of strategies and measures to reduce their emissions of CO2 and its residues. Compared to the previous iteration of the survey, the level of importance attached to this issue by small and medium fleets increased considerably. However, all participants, regardless of their size, value sustainability to the same extent.

In Spain, 47% of the participating fleets consider sustainability as an engine of value for their corporate image and as an essential factor in interceding in the fight against climate change, while 30% see it as a means to reduce costs. To achieve this, tyres play a crucial role.

Tyres continue to play a key role in achieving sustainability goals

Among the fleets that participated in the survey in Spain, 39% stated that fuel-efficient tyres are part of their solution, considering that tyres are the most important transferable component. Rolling resistance plays an important role in the overall efficiency of a vehicle. In the past, fleet operators have been forced to choose between durability, grip, fuel efficiency and mileage, but Goodyear’s latest technologies remove such compromises. For example, equipping a fleet with Goodyear’s FUELMAX ENDURANCE range can mean a 2% reduction in CO2, which is equivalent to saving 40,000 liters of fuel per year for a fleet of 100 vehicles.

Maciej Szymanski, Marketing Director of European Commercial Vehicle Tyres at Goodyear, said: “Fuel-efficient tyres deliver significant cost savings for fleets. The Goodyear FUELMAX ENDURANCE range provides high fuel efficiency with greater mileage and traction. It is the perfect choice for fleets that focus on fuel economy, but demand versatility and ruggedness for regional use. As we endure this period of high energy prices, it is no wonder fleets continue to deliver greater attention to detail when it comes to tyres and other material differences can really help increase fleet efficiency.”

Knowledge of the legislation is greater year after year

Knowledge of environmental legislation in the country has improved since the 2021 survey. 93% of fleets stated that they are familiar with the legislation that applies to their local transport market, which means that fleets are in a position much stronger strategic power to make decisions based on government legislation. It also suggests that the fleets are actively in tune with their respective countries’ efforts to improve sustainability.

Cost and complexity remain obstacles for many operators

Although the overall picture is positive, several key obstacles to the implementation of sustainable solutions remain. For smaller fleets in particular, the survey revealed that the initial cost does not currently justify the future return on investment, with 74% of fleets identifying cost as the most important barrier to some solutions. This is supported by 70% of responses citing financial incentives as the most impactful stimulus for improving sustainability, confirming that fleets are feeling the pinch of the current economic environment. Meanwhile, the complexities associated with installing tools that help measure and reduce environmental impact remain out of reach for many small and midsize fleets.

The answer to the challenges highlighted in the survey is Goodyear Total Mobility, an integrated fleet management offering that brings together truck tyres, solutions and services that support the same goal: reduce downtime and improve efficiency by helping to reduce costs. fuel costs and meet CO2 emissions targets. Antonio Cury, general manager of commercial vehicle sales at Goodyear Iberia commented; “What the survey results tell us is that the sector is on the right track towards a sustainable future. Most fleets continue to increase their efforts, especially all high impact Since last year’s survey, the economic landscape has changed significantly, so we can be even more encouraged by the effort of fleets during this time, especially as the conversation moves from a purely environment to another of maintaining the pace of the industry and the final profitability.”

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