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De minimis Funding for Goodyear Truck Tyres

De minimis Goodyear Truck Tyres

Goodyear is again offering companies in the transport industry a wide range of high-quality truck tyres and innovative solutions this year.

Goodyear Offers De Minimis 2023 Eligible Tyres and Solutions

The fund can be funded by the German Federal Office for Logistics and Mobility (BALM), formerly the Federal Office for Goods Transport, with the De-minimis funding programme.

The 2023 funding period began in January and will run until October 2, 2023. Anyone wishing to apply for funding should act quickly, ideally in the first half of the year, because the funding volume in the 2023 funding period, as in the previous year, will be somewhat lower than in 2021.

“Many high-quality truck tyres in the Goodyear range are eligible, including the fuel-efficient Fuelmax Endurance, and solutions such as the predictive tyre pressure monitoring system TPMS. Transport companies can now apply for funding,” explains Christian Fischer, Sales Manager Truck Tyres Germany at Goodyear. Information on eligible Goodyear tyres and solutions is available on the Goodyear website. The application documents for De-minimis 2023 are available in the BALM eService portal.

Eligible Goodyear tyres

The many eligible tyres in the range of brands Goodyear, Dunlop, Fulda, Sava and Debica include the Goodyear series Fuelmax S Endurance for the steering axle area. Due to its noise and fuel efficiency class, the Fuelmax S Endurance scores with up to 70 per cent eligible share in the de minimis program 2023. For the drive axle, the Goodyear experts refer to the particularly high-mileage Kmax D Gen-2 or Dunlop SP446, each with up to 60 per cent eligible share. For semi-trailers and trailers, the Dunlop SP247 – like all trailer tyres with a snowflake (3PMSF) – qualifies as a non-mandatory part and is 100 per cent eligible.

Who can be sponsored?

According to BALM, companies involved in road haulage with heavy commercial vehicles that carry out measures to promote safety and the environment are supported as part of de minimis. The maximum amount of funding per applicant is 2,000 euros per vehicle and a maximum of 33,000 euros per company.

Retreaded tyres are also eligible

Anyone who receives a positive grant from BALM can use the funding to offset the increasing cost pressure caused by inflation to some extent. In addition to selected truck tyres and solutions, retreaded tyres are generally also eligible according to de minimis, even tyres for construction site vehicles, provided they are retreaded. The eligible share for retreaded construction site and winter tyres for the drive axle is 50 per cent. This is logical, because retreading requires fewer raw materials and energy than the production of new tyres.

Goodyear’s multi-life concept gives the tyre four tyre lives through retreading combined with regrooving and is more environmentally friendly than buying new tyres. The carbon footprint is reduced and the company’s total cost of ownership goes down,” emphasises Fischer.

Measures to secure loads and personal measures are no longer eligible for funding in the 2023 funding period, unlike in the previous year. Tyres and solutions funded according to de minimis may not be resold.

De minimis is aimed at operators of motor vehicles that are intended for road haulage and whose permissible total weight is at least 7.5 tons. Information including contact details for the Federal Office for Logistics and Mobility and a de minimis guide are available on the BALM website.

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