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Continental Honours The Best Tyre Service from Its Partners

Continental Tyre Service Partners

In the 2020 Conti 360° Quality Challenge ten winning teams were awarded for their dynamic service and ability to rapidly change flat tyres.

Continental Unveils Its Ten Conti 360° Quality Challenge Winners

Quick breakdown assistance, reliable service and correct billing were the three major qualities for the workshop teams that came out on top in the Conti 360° Quality Challenge 2020. Last year the third competition took place, with the Vergölst partner company, Kühnlein GmbH in Memmelsdorf, north of Bamberg coming out as Best Service Partner for 2020. Petra Engels, Head of the Conti 360° praised the company, noting that it was a great achievement. “The company has managed to win with its correctly completed service reports, professionally executed mobile services and by taking on a large number of breakdown services.”

Thomas Kühnlein said of the result: Ultimately, we just did our job well. For us, this includes processing orders promptly and accepting as many breakdowns as we possibly could.” In total, over 800 service partners took part in the competition, with the Vergölst partner company, Lorson from Wadgassen-Differten and the Vergölst branch in Lemgo following in second and third place. Hans Hanrath in Bocholt and the Pneuhage branch in Merseburg also featured in the top 10.

How Reifen Kühnlein Nabbed the Top Prize

The Reifen Kühnlein team consists of two breakdown vehicles and 20 employees, five of whom are solely responsible for the truck sector. “Service is teamwork and the result of good organization,” explained Dominik Kühnlein, who also handles reports on optimised operating processes, trained staff and a well-equipped workshop. “We rely on sensible equipment, tablets for fast order processing, short distances and sensible storage so that goods are available quickly,” says Kühnlein.

New Competition Element Increases Chances of Winning

Petra Engels is interested in seeing a diverse range of winners, stating, “We have redesigned the Quality Challenge and adjusted the conditions of participation.” For this year, there will be two competitions, one for Vergölst and Vergölst partner companies and another for service partners who don’t belong to the Vergölst network. “In this way, we are creating equal opportunities and a better way of comparing the companies and the services provided, which now include smaller service partners,” says Engels. Now, there is a higher chance of winning for everyone and twice as many prizes.

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