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Conti Takes Tech to Bauma

Conti Tech Bauma

At Bauma Munich 2022 Continental showcased new product innovations for the construction sites, quarries and mines of the future.

Continental Enables Construction Industry Productivity Boost

As the construction industry becomes increasingly digitalised, one key indicator, in particular, is coming into focus: productivity per construction machine. This is set to rise significantly thanks to automation and the increasing connectivity of intelligent machines, thus creating more value throughout the construction industry. In parallel with this development, the industry – despite numerous global challenges – is facing a projected doubling of its worldwide business.

“The construction industry is set to undergo a profound transformation in the coming years,” says Philip Nelles, CEO of Continental’s ContiTech group sector. “We see this market forecast as a great opportunity to further expand our business. Despite the growing demands in the market, we are deliberately focusing on sustainable technologies. And digitalisation is also opening up new possibilities for us, which we want to exploit together with the construction industry. On the way to a more efficient, productive and sustainable future, strong partnerships are needed,” explains Nelles. “In this regard, Continental is ideally positioned to support the industry as a reliable innovation partner.”

Continental has set itself an ambitious goal. “We want to help shape tomorrow’s construction industry today. Thanks to our broad expertise, we are extremely well positioned to realize this technological leap together with the industry,” Nelles continues. With its product launches at Bauma 2022, the company is showing, in concrete terms, how it interprets its role as an innovation partner.

Digitalisation to Trigger a Radical Change in the Construction Industry

The digitalisation of products and processes is an indispensable step for the transformation of the industry. At the same time, the requirements for the sustainability and productivity of these products are increasing. “Growing demands call for new solutions. For the construction industry, technological innovation and the correct use of materials are critical to success. We are also seeing this in the tyre sector,” explains Wolfgang Thomale, head of the Specialty Tyres business area. With the new LD-Master L5 Traction, Continental offers its customers and partners an intelligent radial tyre that ensures high traction and safety for loaders with demanding load requirements. The factory-integrated tyre sensor enables real-time monitoring.

Tyre data, such as air pressure and temperature, is recorded and evaluated with the help of the digital tyre management system ContiConnect 2.0. If the tyre pressure is too low or there is a risk of overheating, the driver is informed via a warning system. This ensures a fail-safe, long tyre life and fuel-efficient operation. Complementing this, the new generation also offers the ability to track tyres both in stock and in use, and conveniently monitor them via Bluetooth-connected devices. This also enables predictive maintenance.


Sustainability is the standard of the future – environmentally and commercially

The new release Conti+ 2.0 of Continental’s app-based service platform is significantly simpler, faster and more comprehensive than the previous version.

Continental’s conveyor system experts make information about status and performance available in real time with Conti+ 2.0.

But it is not only Continental’s Tires group sector that will be presenting new digital solutions at Bauma for greater productivity and sustainability on future construction sites. When it comes to conveyor system technologies, the company also offers autonomous end-to-end solutions for more efficient operation in the mining and cement and metal processing industries. The same technology used in tyres is also seen in conveyor systems.

“We are convinced that sustainable and responsible business practices will increase our innovative capacity and future viability and are essential for Continental’s future success. For this reason, we are actively researching products and solutions for a carbon-free future,” explains Song Qi, head of the Conveying Solutions business area. Transparency about activities on the construction site plays a central role in this context. Continental was one of the first manufacturers in the world to work with the US Association for Rubber Products Manufacturers (ARPM) to develop an energy efficiency label. The label helps conveyer belt system operators make informed decisions in order to lower their energy consumption when selecting conveyor belts.

Transparency is also created by Continental’s Net|Zero|Now immediate action programme for climate change mitigation. The program already offers customers the opportunity to neutralise CO2 emissions for their business with Continental in order to achieve carbon neutrality along the entire value chain. To this end, Continental is working with renowned partners who are committed to ecosystem restoration and reforestation initiatives.

Continental as a pioneer of the future construction site

“At Continental, we have a clear idea of what the future construction site will look like. With our know-how, we will support the industry on its journey as an innovation partner. We also understand that change is most likely to succeed through collaboration. That’s why we’re looking forward to an intensive exchange of experiences at Bauma 2022 and beyond,” Nelles emphasises.

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