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Agricultural Tyres: Sailun’s Ecopoint3 Delivers Performance

Agricultural Tyres Sailun Ecopoint3

In a discussion with Sailun’s Stephan Cimbal, Commercial Tyre Business asked how the company had performed in Europe in 2022, and how the ETRMA figures showing a 28 per cent decline in the agricultural sector in 2022, might impact upon the coming year.

EcoPoint3 Brings Benefits to Sailun’s Agricultural Customers

Also, the summer of 2022 saw sweltering conditions across Europe. How did this impact farmers in terms of their tyre policy? What trends did you see? How did you support your customers during this period?

Cimbal responded; “It is a long term trend that recently gained extra speed towards premium products delivering sustainable performance at a more moderate price. Farming becomes smarter every day, farmers want to make a smart deal. Maxam is smart forward.”

As Northern Europe is now experiencing heatwaves and weather that Southern Europe is more used to, how is that impacting Sailun’s tyre offering and what is the market are asking for?

Saliun’s Maxam branded products made with our new EcoPoint3 technology are actually well prepared for all kinds of weather conditions and extreme environments,” said Cimbal.

“We are out there with them and our dealers every day, giving technical support, helping to manage the business smoothly and delivering smart solutions that meet the needs of the market.”

Commercial Tyre Business asked what plans Sailun had for the Maxam brand in the coming year.

Maxam has signed another supply contract with the global large scale machine manufacturer CNHI to provide the AgriXtra business solution to CASE Agriculture,” said Kevin Buckley, Maxam OE Sales Director, adding that achieving an agricultural equipment manufacturer (OEM) approval is a major milestone for the Maxam brand since the launch of the AgriXtra series.”

The Maxam range includes:

  • The Maxam AgilXtra MS962R Radial flotation implement tyres for agricultural tanker and trailer applications. Its optimised directional tread provides full soil protection with excellent self-cleaning properties. Its enhanced tread pattern also enables outstanding grip on field surfaces as well as a comfortable ride on road.
  • The Maxam MS909R All steel radial industrial tyre for high traction in agriculture. Belt stabilised tread provides excellent stability and resistance to punctures and field hazards. Versatile, non-directional off-road tread pattern.
  • The Maxam MS910R has excellent road suitability with all-steel radial construction for maximum durability, stability, traction and comfort. Special self-cleaning design with a bumped mud guard.
  • The Maxam FlotXtra MS961R All-steel-radial flotation implement tyres for agricultural tanker and trailer applications. Belt stabilized tread provides longest treadwear, high stability, and high resistance to punctures and field hazards. Optimised non-directional block tread pattern provides excellent field traction while minimising vibration at road speeds
  • Maxam AgriXtra H High-volume R1W tyres designed specifically for harvesters. High-quality 45° lug tread provides excellent traction and minimises vibration while driving. The low pressure and wide footprint reduce soil compaction
  • Maxam AgriXtra XL High volume R1W tyres for high performance tractor applications. High-quality 45° lug pattern provides excellent traction and minimises vibration while driving. The low pressure and wide footprint reduce soil compaction.
  • The Maxam AgriXtra 65 Wide lugs for maximum operational performance; Low pressure for better soil protection; Speed range up to 70 km/h.
  • And the Maxam AgriXtra 70 Premium traction tyres have wide lugs for maximum operational performance; consistent load capacity at 40 and 50 km/h.

Regarding high energy prices impacting companies everywhere. Farmers are particularly impacted on the frontline by having to deal with these price pressures and are being pushed by supermarkets and wholesalers to sell at the lowest price. What is Sailun doing as a tyre manufacturer to support farmers whilst also not being immune to these pressures?

Cimbal answers; “Part of the Maxam visoin and mission clearly is to provide business solutions, i.e. delivering high-quality tyres, but also to support local dealers with excellent service, technical know-how and “handshake” mentality approaches to everyday business. Maxam wants to be the easiest company to do business with and we are walking the talk every day. Above all, Maxam delivers premium quality, sustainable products, not only but also in terms of fuel consumption, at a medium price tag.”

EcoPoint3 has been a big technology breakthrough for Sailun and it is now being rolled out across all sectors of the manufacturing process. However, what benefits has EcoPoint3 brought to the agricultural sector?

“The revolutionary EcoPoint3 technology delivers sustainable performance.” Says Cimbal. “It simply reduces the use of fossil resources, saves energy during the production process, creates tyres with less emissions and higher energy efficiency – all that helping to save the planet. And also helping farmers to save money and time to focus on their work. It is also obvious that manufacturers of agricultural machinery highly value the contribution of the EcoPoint3 technology that their products are also benefitting from in terms of footprint and added value as well as mandatory ESG standards.”

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