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10 Million Tyres Retreaded at Michelin Valladolid

Tyres Retreaded Michelin Valladolid

Michelin has announced that its tyre retreading facility in ValladolidSpain, has reached a total production of 10 million units since the plant opened in Autumn 1975.

Production Milestone Reached by Michelin

The Michelin factory in Valladolid started manufacturing passenger tyres on October 2, 1973. In early 1975, the second phase of construction of the plant began, including the commissioning of the truck and bus tyre retreading unit, which began production in the autumn of the same year. In July 2020 the figure of 10 million retreaded tyres was reached.

Currently over 60 different dimensions of MICHELIN REMIX retreads are produced in Valladolid, destined for Spain, Portugal and France. Most of them are manufactured on a customer’s-own-casing (COC) basis. All tyres manufactured at the plant comply with the UNECE R109 regulation and have the same speed and load indices, as well as the same M + S and 3PMSF markings as the original tyres.

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