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Zenises and Doublestar Join Forces for Strategic Partnership


A solid step in Doublestar’s aspirations to strengthen its position in the global tyre industry has taken place with the formation of a new operational joint venture in partnership with the Zenises Group. The new company, Doublestar Europe, will be responsible for the sale, marketing and distribution of Doublestar commercial and passenger tyres in key European territories (including Germany, France, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom).

Doublestar is already one of China’s leading tyre manufacturers with a track record of strong growth. Most recently, the establishment of its new ‘4.0’ industry leading production plant in Qingdao allows the company to increase its European footprint, with regard to both volume capacity and new product development.

For the Zenises Group, this new JV relationship represents a powerful opportunity to build on its longstanding presence in the European tyre arena and offer commercial partners the opportunity to work with a forward- thinking tyre provider. It is also now the intention of the new Doublestar Europe company to grow the brand in the high-performance passenger tyre segment, building on these technological advancements made by the company over recent years. The new Doublestar Europe venture will be established in London (U.K.) with its own dedicated support and business development team.

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