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Zenises Group and ZC Rubber Open their first Trucks&Bus Stop in Madrid

The inauguration of the first Westlake Trucks & Bus Stop in Spain was attended by the European management of ZC Rubber.

The Zenises Group opens the first Truck&Bus Stop in Spain

In May, Zenises celebrated the opening of the first Trucks&bus Stop centre of the Westlake tyre brand, which it markets exclusively in Spain and Portugal.

Todo Camión, a workshop specialising in commercial vehicles, is the first Trucks&bus Stop centre under Westlake’s name, which constitutes a recognition of its work for the brand.

“The launch of this new business model by Grupo Zenises is a very important step forward in strengthening the image and prestige of the Westlake range of tyres for commercial vehicles, whose presence and recognition is growing in our market,” says Juan Orellana, sales director of Grupo Zenises Spain and Portugal.

Westlake is a tyre of recognised prestige and well-known performance that brings increasing profitability to the workshop, maximum safety, and the best performance to hauliers, who are asking for good quality at the best price.”Profitability is as important a measure as the safety of our customers, and Westlake is a brand that perfectly combines both qualities and conditions that are essential today to guarantee the future of workshops and the best service for users,” commented Orellana.

In 2022, the Zenises Group added four new truck tyre models to the Westlake portfolio as a response to the increased demands and needs of customers, who require maximum product performance while measuring cost-effectiveness from the outset. Developed for the European market, these are the WSA2 and WDA2, second generation steer and drive axle tyres for long-haul and regional applications, as well as the WMS2 and WDM2, second generation mixed-use steer and drive axle tyres for the construction sector, which incorporate the latest technology from ZC Rubber, China’s leading manufacturer and the world’s top 5 ranked truck tyre manufacturer in the truck tyre segment.

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