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Year-on-Year Figures Stall in Spanish LCV, Industrial Vehicle and Bus Segment

Spanish LCV Industrial Vehicle Bus

The latest monthly figures for LCVs, industrial vehicles and buses have been revealed by Asociación Española de Fabricantes de Automóviles y Camiones (ANFAC) as they show year-on-year decreases across all three aforementioned segments, whilst the year-to-date numbers continue to stack up well against 2020.

LCV Segment 33.1% Down in Comparison to July 2020

For the light commercial vehicle segment, ANFAC reported that 13,738 units were sold in Spain during July. This is compared to the 20,537 units that were registered in July 2020, which represents a 33.1% drop. However, the year-to-date figures show the LCV segment in a stronger position with 101,811 units registered in 2021 representing a 21.9% improvement.

As for the industrial vehicle and bus sector, ANFAC has reported a drop of 14% against July 2020’s figures, with 1,548 units sold during the month. Delving deeper into the statistics, the bus segment was 20% worse off than July 2020, with the industrial vehicle park 13.2% in arrears. In a similar fashion to the LCV sector, the year-to-date figures for both buses and industrial vehicles were in much better shape with them showing a 21% and 25% improvement respectively.

The decrease in year-on-year figures shouldn’t be too surprising, with July 2020 proving to be the first full month of an economy emerging from the initial COVID-19 lockdown as businesses were eager to participate in economic recovery.

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