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Tructyre Teams Up With Ctrack

Tructyre Fleet Management, the tyre management specialist for the commercial transport sector, is targeting driver behaviour and fleet productivity improvements following the adoption of an advanced telematics solution from Ctrack, an Inseego company.

Tructyre Invests in Online Vehicle Tracking System

A fleet of more than 150 vans and HGVs will be monitored using the web-based Ctrack Online vehicle tracking system to achieve greater visibility across the company’s UK operation. It will also be used alongside integrated driver communication, fleet management and reporting tools to maximise staff engagement, gain operational control and realise added performance insight.

“We were looking for an end-to-end telematics solution that would enable us to engage and educate our staff to drive safer and more efficiently,” explained Scott Matthews CMILT, Logistic & Fleet Executive at Tructyre. “Using the added visibility and control provided by the Ctrack system, we will be able to engage directly with our drivers in real-time, while using historical data to identify areas of improvement. This will help us safeguard our workforce and other road users as well as protect our corporate reputation, while targeting savings such as reduced fuel usage, wear and tear and insurance premiums.”

Ctrack Online will replace a previous vehicle tracking solution that was no longer meeting Tructyre’s needs in terms of ease of use and functionality. The company required a system that could be used both centrally and across a network of 24 depots, providing access to all local and regional managers, as well as a Fleet Maintenance Manager and Group Transport Manager based at its head office in Eastleigh, Hampshire. Tructyre also wanted to integrate any solution with its FleetCheck fleet management software, so it could automatically transfer accurate mileage data – reducing the reliance on manual capture – to support fuel card and vehicle maintenance programmes.

The Driver Behaviour Indicator (DBI) will be used to provide in-vehicle feedback that encourages poor driving styles to be corrected. A traffic light display will give a cumulative number of warnings for a range of infringements – from harsh acceleration, braking and cornering to travelling too quickly over speed humps and excess idling – while a sustained period of responsible driving will enable lights to be cleared. Staff members will also have access to the Driver Mobi app which provides individuals scores, including a breakdown of driving events, that can be viewed alongside company and depot averages.

Tructyre will use Ctrack’s Live Productivity Dashboard and Executive Dashboard to benefit from easy to view and understand overviews of daily activity and business critical data. Using the colour-coded charts, tables and graphical formats, the company will be able to gain added operational insight and business intelligence by highlighting issues, identifying trends and underlining route causes. Tructyre will also take advantage of True Engine Idle Reporting, which will be able to differentiate between when a vehicle’s compressor is operational or not to identify unnecessary engine idling.

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