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TiDaeX™ Connects 1,600 Dealers throughout Europe to Enable Multi-Territory Collaboration

CAM International’s TiDaeX™ online hub is now positioned to connect 1,600 multi-language dealers across the UK, Republic of Ireland, France, Italy and Spain through the integration of innovative dealer software technology solutions that are then leveraged by the employment of e-jobsheet, the open-access, easy-to-use tyre service app for commercial tyre servicing operations.

CAM International Leading the Way in Dealer Software Connectivity

As a result, connected dealers can now share jobs across territories and languages, as data is passed automatically via the TiDaeX™ online hub to both contract holder and dealer (for completion documentation, stock updates and billing) when work is completed on the app.  

This enables commercial tyre service providers to enhance their service to customers and third parties by improving efficiencies and data dissemination, providing full visibility of work carried out, which is almost instantaneously available back from the field, and helping to enhance service agility and business accuracy.

Steve Daly, director of CAM International, says, “The integration by leading European software houses – CAM Systems (UK), NETIXCloud (Spain), X-Data (Italy), and Cross ID PSI (France) – of their technology solutions for the industry into e-jobsheet via TiDaeX™ can enable multi-language, multi-territory co-operation linked to key manufacturer participation on the platform.  This federation of partners is presenting multiple opportunities across Europe, as more and more companies realise the benefits and added-value the open-access, digital tablet-based service work platform can deliver to tyre dealer markets.”

In a busy week for CAM International, the company announced with Continental Tyre’s fleet management division, Conti 360° solutions on Monday as the company look to further aid e-jobsheet app subscribers to connect directly with fleet management via TiDaeX™.

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