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Spanish Award for Goodyear Urbanmax MCA HL+

Spanish Award Goodyear Urbanmax

Spanish magazine Neumáticos Y Mecánica Rápida has recognised the Goodyear URBANMAX MCA HL+ as the best tyre of the year 2022 for buses

Goodyear URBANMAX MCA HL+ Awarded by the Neumáticos y Mecánica Rápida

Goodyear launched the URBANMAX MCA HL+ on the market last December with the aim of providing a solution to operators seeking to maximise the efficiency of their current bus fleet, thus responding to one of the main demands of this market.

A sector that is in a period of unprecedented transformation.Electrification, autonomy, and accessibility, including services on demand, are revolutionising urban mobility.

Based on the proven design of the URBANMAX MCA, its predecessor on the market, the new MCA HL+ is adapted to support additional battery loads while allowing lower power consumption.

The technology implemented in the tyre, which includes a new tread compound, design and construction, supports the need for operators to reduce CO2 and noise emissions, particularly in densely populated areas.

For bus operators, any downtime means a major disruption to passenger schedules, so Goodyear has focused on developing a series of technologies that combine robustness with energy efficiency to avoid this problem.

The company has also integrated RFID tags to enable easy identification and connectivity to tracking and management systems, further streamlining the process.

The result is a tyre that, in addition to responding to the demands in terms of energy consumption and emission reduction, factors that are becoming increasingly important within the sector, does so without sacrificing its durability.

The URBANMAX MCA HL+ is an all-position tyre with a high-load structure that allows for an axle capacity of 8 tonnes, meeting the requirements of modern electric or hybrid buses.

Since Neumáticos y Mecánica Rápida magazine began awarding these awards in 2001, Goodyear has been recognised up to thirteen times with this award.

Antonio Cury, General Sales Manager for the Commercial Division at Goodyear Iberia recognises the importance of this award; “At Goodyear, we are always working to respond to and even anticipate the demands of our customers. This recognition is just one more example of a job well done”.

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