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SARL James and BKT Partnership: Innovation and Growth

SARL James and BKT

SARL James, a farm based in Grandparigny, Normandy and BKT have entered a partnership that has had a significant and positive impact in supporting the farm’s growth and productivity, enabling it to integrate new technologies while preserving its traditions.

SARL James and BKT

Founded in the 1950s by Émile James, SARL James had humble beginnings with a tractor and a beet planter, testifying both the passion and commitment to the land that has for generations been characteristic of the James family. The company’s evolution was then led by the founder’s son Joël James, who expanded the business using increasingly advanced machinery. As a result of this development, SARL James and BKT have entered into a partnership.

“We have been using BKT tyres for several years because they respond so flawlessly to our specific needs, such as in the case of AGRIMAX RT 855, specifically designed for soil tillage and transport operations both in the field and on the road. This product ensures high traction and comfort,” comments Mikäel Fauchon, the company’s farm equipment driver. “One aspect I like about my job is the chance to live in close contact with nature, watching how it evolves as the seasons pass and seeing how the harvest progresses throughout the year. This is why we need to have tyres that guarantee quality and flexibility in every season for optimal use in every situation.”


AGRIMAX RT 855 is a radial tyre, part of a range that offers sizes that are also particularly suitable for spraying and harvesting operations. In addition, its self-cleaning properties make it a good fit for tractors that frequently move from the field to the road providing significant benefits in terms of reduced downtime.

Today, SARL James has a staff of 20 people and boasts a large, state-of-the-art equipment fleet consisting of 17 tractors, seven mulchers, eight combine harvesters, pruning tools and several implements – for a total of about 50 pieces of farming equipment. Such significant numbers clash with the shortage of farm labor, despite a growing demand: For this reason, it is essential to constantly increase productivity while reducing timelines. This is possible by making use of increasingly larger and technologically advanced machines.

SARL James and BKT partnership helped meet the farm’s high demands by providing innovative tyres such as Increased Flexion (IF) patterns, which provide improved traction and reduced soil compaction, ensuring a smooth and safe ride even on the roughest terrain.

“We first began to rely on BKT tyres for a small tractor and got great results right away, with surprising durability compared to the average. Later, we tested them on larger tractors, up to more than 400 horsepower, and they have never disappointed us,” says Julien James, the farming company’s manager and grandson of founder Émile. “BKT is like us: a family business that knows how to listen to the customer’s needs and grow with you. When I started working with them, they had no IF tyres and that was limiting, but we discussed it and within a year they introduced them, showing great responsiveness to our needs.”


AGRIMAX FORCE is designed for soil tillage, transport and harvesting operations on high-power tractors and combine harvesters, ensuring maximum performance and efficiency. Thanks to the IF technology, this tyre can carry heavy loads at lower inflation pressure than a standard tyre, operating gently on the soil. It features a reinforced bead and offers excellent traction, top self-cleaning properties as well as low fuel consumption along with a comfortable driving experience.

One of our main activities is the use of slurry on farmland. Also for our trailers, we have decided to rely on BKT, in particular on RIDEMAX FL 693, which in our opinion shows great performance,” Julien adds.

RIDEMAX FL 693 is a tyre choice for those who frequently travel on road sections with trailers or tankers, while still maintaining an excellent level of comfort and fine self-cleaning properties. The range has a class D/E speed index that stands for higher speeds on the road leading to significant time savings. The low rolling resistance contributes to lower fuel consumption, while the reinforced bead and steel belts provide superior durability.

SARL James and BKT partnership is not only limited to the supply of tyres but is also a strategic bond supporting SARL James’ long-term vision towards sustainability and technological innovation. Thanks to the quality and reliability of the BKT products, SARL James continues to grow, maintaining a harmonious balance between farming tradition and modernity. Even though every season brings new challenges and opportunities, but having BKT at their side, Julien and Mikäel are ready to lead the company into a bright future where their passion for agriculture and care for the environment remains steadfastly at the core of their daily operations.

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