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BKT FL 695 Tyre: Ultimate Trailer Performance

Side view of a Green Tractor in Wheat Field with a Green Trailer with BKT tyres fitted

The Indian multinational company’s steel-belted radial tyre is specifically designed to enhance performance in construction applications and agri-transport operations.

BKT FL 695: The Strong and Versatile Tyre Redefining Agro-Industrial Trailer Performance

BKT brings FL 695 into the spotlight—the steel-belted tyre, which has been specifically designed to optimize the performance of trailers employed in construction and agri-transport operations. This product adds to BKT’s offering, which already boasts a portfolio of over 3,600 products, consolidating its position as a leader in the Off-Highway tyre industry with the broadest product range available on the market.

As global demand for agricultural products increases and advanced technologies are adopted, tractors and trailers become more crucial and versatile tools. Traditionally used in agricultural operations, these types of equipment are now also employed in construction because of their flexibility, power and adaptability to different applications.

Operators in agriculture and industry are making growing efforts to optimize the use of their machinery and implements to avoid periods of inactivity and take full advantage of their potential in various operating contexts. This trend is supported by breakthroughs such as precision farming, robotics, and electric tractors, which enhance the efficiency and sustainability of operations.

Engineered for Agro-Industrial Excellence, Stability, and Longevity

“With FL 695, we have wanted to create a tyre that meets the specific needs of agro-industrial applications, where trailers play a key role in overall productivity as well as having a strong impact on performance and operational efficiency. That’s not all. FL 695 also responds to the demand in terms of reliability, versatility and durability in all operating conditions, proving to be an unrivalled tyre, the outcome of a careful research and development process, meant to provide operators with a long service life,” comments Denis Piccolo, Product Manager at BKT.

The BKT FL 695’s centre-block tread design ensures excellent stability and endurance under all conditions while also facilitating excellent self-cleaning during use on roads, fields, or other types of terrain. The tread depth contributes to a longer product life cycle. At the same time, the robust casing and steel belts provide effective protection against punctures. In addition, the special compound employed in the manufacturing process increases its puncture resistance, thus ensuring reliability in the most demanding operating conditions.

Versatile Solution for Year-Round Agro-Industrial Excellence

Another strength of BKT’s FL 695 is its versatility. It has emerged as the ideal solution for road transport operations in winter and soil fertilization activities in summer.

FL 695 is available in four sizes: 600/55 R 26.5, 650/55 R 26.5, 600/60 R 30.5 and 710/50 R 30.5. This tyre expands BKT’s already highly diversified product range, confirming the company’s strategy of providing high-quality solutions even for the heaviest applications. Choosing the right tyre for each task means preventing premature wear and tear and ensuring greater product durability, resulting in a lower environmental impact and improved cost efficiency.

The FL 695 further proves BKT’s commitment to developing highly specialized technologies designed to meet its customers and end users’ different operational needs. With its innovative design and advanced technical features, FL 695 will become a benchmark solution in the agro-industrial sector.

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